NeuroMetrix/Quell NeuroMetrix: Leveraging End User Insights and Smart Design to Drive Medical Device Adherence

Healthcare and Life Sciences
NeuroMetrix is an innovation-driven healthcare company that combines bioelectrical and digital medicine to address chronic health conditions. Their over-the-counter pain relief device, Quell, is a 100% drug-free way to manage pain through a combination of advanced neurostimulation technology and the Quell Relief app. NeuroMetrix partnered with Rightpoint to solve the challenge of engaging users more fully during the first 30 - 60 days after purchasing Quell.

Starting with a Strategy

The Flywheel mission: impact a new industry, grow their brand and reach more potential customers as they bring their studio experience into riders’ homes.

Our challenge? Bring a unique and incredibly motivating experience of a Flywheel class into a rider’s personal space.

We set out to build an app that would stream Flywheel classes both live and on-demand to a custom Android tablet attached to the Fly Anywhere bike. The tablet technology overlays the rider’s personal metrics and the class leaderboard over an HD video stream. This technology bringing the competitive element of a studio class into the home.

True to the well-known Flywheel Brand, the award-winning instructors and quality music can also be found in the Fly Anywhere classes. First, we made sure classes were able to stream on a tablet. We worked with Flywheel to see what other ways we could leverage hardware and software technologies together to enhance and support the Fly Anywhere experience.

Man standing near bus stop sign holding phone.


We continued our partnership with Flywheel by revisiting how we could stream their high-quality content onto a rider’s home theatre system.

There are many reasons Flywheel riders are so loyal to the brand and the classes. The rigorous competition against other riders, highly motivating instructors, high-quality music, and statistics allowing a rider to track their progress. All of these pieces work together to create an intense and fun workout.

We set up a test bike in the Rightpoint office and our developers collaborated with the Flywheel engineering team on the iPhone-and-Apple-TV-connection. After many, many hours and sweat (yes, developers did sweat for this project), we created the experience we were aiming for. Using the Flywheel app, riders can connect their phone or Fly Anywhere bikes or their Apple TV and stream classes to their entertainment systems.

BlindWays App Screens and Strategy


We loved working this Flywheel app project. It gave us the opportunity to challenge ourselves the way that Flywheel typically challenges its riders.

We are no stranger to coupling fitness and tech (and even built the RunKeeper’s app). With Flywheel, we were excited to build an app that used a connected bike in a home with a smart entertainment system. Now, Flywheel can create a community of riders to ride anywhere regardless of studio locations or schedules. Flywheel App Users have the ability to browse and manage their own classes, challenge themselves against other riders and track progress using performance metrics. Riders have access to a personal class whenever and wherever they would like, with Flywheel’s best in class instructors and content.

We believe in making user’s lives better with technology. In the case of the Flywheel app, that means a little healthier and maybe even a little sweatier.

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