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Shopping for Healthier Home Essentials, Naturally

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative has been delivering a curated collection of all-natural home and personal care products since their inception in 2016. This certified B Corporation was founded by three friends in San Francisco with the mission to help families create a home that reflects the best in themselves. Rightpoint partnered with Grove Collaborative to create a mobile application as a natural extension of their existing shopping experience.

Starting with a Strategy
An All-Natural Approach to Delivered Home Essentials

When Grove Collaborative approached Rightpoint, their first question was about the value a mobile app could bring to their existing, loyal customers. Grove shoppers already love the service and manage their product subscriptions on the website on a monthly basis. However, the likelihood that customers would use the website on their phone or branch out to try products in new categories had proven unlikely. Grove asked Rightpoint if there were opportunities to leverage a native mobile experience to help their customers shop new categories and find new products on their mobile devices. 

Grove Collaborative - Image
Grove Collaborative - Image
Grove Collaborative - Image
Managing a Home, One List at a Time

Over the course of a six-week discovery period, Rightpoint sat down with Grove customers, iterated on clickable prototypes, and conducted a series of surveys to better understand how Grove’s customers shopped and how they engaged with the existing web experience. The findings gave the team a clear path forward, and taught us a thing or two about how people think about taking care of their homes. 

Traditional navigation organizes products by category, similar to how you would see products lined up on shelves in a store. But for online ordering, particularly on mobile devices, people think about who they are with or what room they are in, and the shopping list needed to take care of that person or space.  

The concept of a shoppable, subscribable checklist where customers could “set it and forget it” for everything they needed was the core narrative over the course of Rightpoint’s research. This required a shift in our thinking about subscription services to be more specific and intentional about presenting new products to customers.  

As a result of Rightpoint’s research, the Grove app serves up relevant products by room. Not only that, but these lists allowed individuals the freedom, without shame, to find out how to clean their homes and what they needed, building an additional layer of trust with the Grove brand. 

Simply put, Grove’s brand loyal customers wanted a mobile app. So we designed and delivered one that reflected how they shop and prefer to interact with the brand they love. 

Grove Collaborative - Image
Grove Collaborative - Image
Grove Collaborative - Image
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