National B2B Financial Services Company Migrating to Optimizely to Enhance Marketing Capabilities and Ensure Future Growth

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A national SaaS payroll services company providing small businesses with payroll and tax-related products had outgrown its content management system and needed to upgrade to a digital experience platform to power more meaningful marketing initiatives that would help them remain competitive and drive growth. They engaged Rightpoint to provide guidance and services over a three-phase project including a platform migration and subsequent design update.

Starting with a Strategy

It is a common problem—as a company matures, expands, and becomes more sophisticated in its marketing capabilities, it outgrows its original digital experience platform. This situation, if left unaddressed, can severely limit an organization’s ability to grow or even compete in a market, particularly in highly competitive markets like financial services. As new players come on the scene, brands that have been in business for a while need to be vigilant about taking advantage of new products and technologies that enhance the customer experience. 


This client, a wholly-owned subsidiary of an international brand with 45 years of industry experience and almost 700,000 payroll clients, was growing as more small businesses signed up for their payroll and tax calculation and filing products. To take advantage of the momentum, they had developed some new marketing strategies, but they realized that their existing digital platform did not have the features or functionality to support the type of experience they wanted to create.


To remain competitive and effectively reach and convert the small business owners in their target audience, they needed a platform that offered substantially greater control and flexibility as well as specific features that they just didn’t have access to on their legacy platform. In particular, they struggled with the old platform’s authoring experience, which was hugely detrimental to their content marketing efforts. They also saw opportunities to incorporate some personalization on their website, but this wasn’t possible with the technology they had in place. Overall, the legacy content management system lacked critical functionality, compromised their marketing agility, and also required time-consuming maintenance. 


In short, their existing digital experience platform kept them from using their website as an effective lead generation tool. They needed to select and implement a more modern and fully functional platform in order to maintain market position and continue to grow their business.


Rightpoint worked closely with this client to provide end-to-end, phased support and services, including helping the client select a new platform, executing the initial migration, and providing support for a brand/design facelift. Throughout and between all three phases, Rightpoint also provided DigOps services to support maintenance and management needs between and during the various transitions. 

Phase 1: Choosing the Platform

While the client handled the initial research on various platforms, once they had narrowed their options down to two choices, they brought Rightpoint in to help facilitate the process. Rightpoint worked through their existing partner contacts to coordinate demo meetings, attended demos, helped answer the client’s questions about the platforms, and also facilitated meetings with various connectors, like Salesforce. 


Rightpoint’s deep expertise and familiarity with a wide range of platforms—including the two under consideration—made them the perfect, unbiased partner to help the client navigate the often-complex process of assessing the two platforms. Rightpoint provided a structure that ensured the process fully accounted for all the decision factors, including features, functionality, ease of use, integration, budget concerns, and more. 


After doing all the appropriate due diligence, the client ultimately chose Optimizely (previously known as Episerver) as the solution that best met all their immediate needs and would provide a strong foundation for the future.

Phase 2: Initial Migration

Rightpoint managed and executed the full migration of site structure, functionality, and content. This effort included recreating the functionality in C# .NET and migrating the existing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript assets in a way that maintained continuity while adapting to the modular framework of the new platform.


Integrations were an important part of the migration both in terms of maintaining a consistent customer experience on the front and, and the ongoing automation of back-end lead generation activities. Optimizely accommodated one marketing automation integration as part of its standard. Rightpoint used that for the client’s Salesforce instance, and then did a custom integration for Pardot. 


In addition to migrating core website pages and functionality, Rightpoint also needed to migrate more than 10,000 blog posts, which were a critical component of the client’s content marketing strategy. The team created scripts to automate the migration of all this content, created standard blog detail and search pages, and also did some custom routing to give the client more control over the location of each blog page and the URL formats.


To support a number of the client’s future marketing strategies, Rightpoint enabled and configured Optimizely’s baseline personalization features with an eye toward establishing a foundation for future initiatives.


Overall, Rightpoint architected the site on the new platform in a way that gives the client maximum flexibility around page types and the configuring of various assets like blocks, widgets, and rails. This flexible, modular approach gives the client the tools and functionality they need to execute more sophisticated marketing tactics, adapt to market shifts quickly and easily, and drive future growth.

Phase 3: Brand/Design Facelift

As a follow-up to the initial migration, the client partnered with Rightpoint on a branding facelift that allowed them to implement updated designs on their site’s home page and other key marketing pages. 


The functionality from the original migration remained in place, but Rightpoint updated the styling and created a set of new components to allow the client to build more customized and effective marketing pages. The focus was on providing the greatest level of flexibility, which resulted in delivering a mix-and-match approach that made it quick and simple for the client to update pages by changing out and editing a variety of on-page elements—things like size, placement, colors, and so forth. 


Rightpoint was also careful to ensure that the Rich Text experience was robust enough to allow the client to have the best of both worlds: a lot of flexible options when customizing elements (for example, having multiple CTAs, mixing unordered list, changing heading styles, etc.) while maintaining high ease of use and protecting the overall integrity of the design. 

“At Rightpoint, we are firm believers in the power of continuous experimentation. Our work with all kinds of clients has proven again and again the value of investing in a consistent practice of testing, measuring, and optimizing experiences. This is how brands evolve and adapt to successfully meet new challenges. Optimizely shares this philosophy, so their platform pairs well with our strategies and helps us give clients the tools they need to grow.” 

Stephanie Bannos VP, Global Leader of Customer Experience Solutions, Rightpoint

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