Leading U.S. Drugstore Chain Reimagining the Customer Experience with the Power of Adobe’s Experience Cloud

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In 2019 a leading U.S. drugstore chain on the Fortune 500 list—embarked on an organization-wide digital transformation to modernize its business alongside a simultaneous rebranding initiative. The company engaged Rightpoint to take the lead on the critical element of unifying their Dotcom and Shop sites to deliver a seamless and personalized customer journey driven by an omnichannel experience spanning multiple online and offline interaction points. To accomplish this, Rightpoint undertook a major integration of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento 2). 

Starting with a Strategy

Reimagining the Customer Experience

There are many elements that have to come together for a successful digital transformation. Most importantly, the organization has to have the commitment and vision to recognize and shape the opportunity. This foundational step is especially critical for companies that have long relied on a traditional brick-and-mortar model. Once the vision has been established, it’s critical to not only choose the right technology platforms, but to also ensure that the platforms are used to the absolute best advantage and fully integrated into the digital ecosystem. 

For over 50 years this company has built and grown its business by positioning itself as a reliable staple in communities across the nation. For decades, they successfully nurtured customer relationships using traditional marketing tactics including coupons, circulars, and a loyalty program. But, times change, and companies who want to continue growing must change with them. 

In 2019 they embarked on an organization-wide digital transformation effort with the intention of completely reimagining their customer experience. In 2020, as the Covid pandemic hit, the organization’s focus on digital and its role in creating an omnichannel experience was heightened as the demand for services like buy-online/pickup-in-store rocketed. 

In addition to modernizing their business from top to bottom, they had several specific digital objectives:

  • Replace legacy CMS platforms that were incapable of supporting the company’s vision with technology that would allow them to centralize content management, deliver an omnichannel experience, and simultaneously improve key site performance metrics
  • Unify their Dotcom and Shop sites to deliver a more intuitive, convenient, and seamless customer experience
  • Create a digital foundation that would enable more sophisticated and targeted analytics and marketing, which would in turn help them to:
    • Drive more qualified customers to their site
    • Improve online conversion rates
    • Better compete in their marketplace
  • Deliver on a brand promise that expands their audience and builds relationships with new generations of potential customers
  • Ultimately, increase website revenue


Building the Foundation for an Omnichannel Experience

As part of their comprehensive digital transformation, the full suite of Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC), including Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento 2) was adopted. They engaged Rightpoint to lead development and implementation of user experience and engineering solutions for commerce interactions and integrations. This initiative required Rightpoint to not only work intimately with Adobe tooling, but to also forge new territory to accomplish one of the first truly comprehensive integrations of AEM and Adobe Commerce. 


Rightpoint delivered critical services for the integration of the Dotcom and Shop sites and the two platforms (AEM and Adobe Commerce) in order to centralize and seamlessly share data, content, and administrative processes across both sites and platforms. This enabled the delivery of a seamless customer experience that uses shared navigation, search, profile information, order history, a persistent mini-cart, and other elements to allow consumers to move effortlessly and efficiently between the two sites. In addition, the team enabled Adobe Target to offer greater personalization based on rules, audience segmentation, and consumer preferences. 


This integration provided the foundation for their new omnichannel experience, an element that was and is absolutely critical to their organization-wide goals and something that was particularly important to implement during the Covid pandemic. The work done ensured that they were able to immediately step into the role of being a safe and reliable source for essential items like PPE, medications, Covid testing, and so forth. This digital foundation continues to serve their organization in many important ways, including facilitating services like vaccine scheduling and enabling a wide range of flexible content and distribution options. 


The work delivered tangible benefits for both the business and consumers. The centralized content management helps them save money and time through greater efficiency, speed to market, and the elimination of redundancies. The new platform also opens up a world of ad hoc possibilities with plug-and-play functionality that removes the previous obstacles created by an overly complex and outdated CMS. On the customer side, the overall experience is much more convenient and satisfying, which helps to reinforce their new branding while building customer trust and loyalty. The effort also included major enhancements to the company’s mobile experience, a key area both in the context of the pandemic and future initiatives to engage younger generations.


Collectively, all these foundational improvements work together to empower the kind of customer experience that a brand of their caliber and reach warrants. As a result, 2020 was a record year for their ecommerce and overall website engagement, with year-over-year figures showing a marked improvement across all key success metrics.

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Our Contributions


  • Digital Experience Strategy
  • Omni-Channel Experience Design
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Digital Eco-System Architecture
  • Data Engineering


  • Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento)
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Analytics
  • React Framework