Leading Global Financial Services Firm Breaking Ground in the Digital Payment Platform Space

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This Leading Global Financial Services Firm was seeking a highly skilled and flexible partner to design and build the front end of their ground-breaking payments platform. Rightpoint stepped up to help build a product that positions the firm to stand out in an increasingly competitive fintech landscape.

Starting with a Strategy

There is a growing demand for new payment platforms that give businesses and consumers more choices and freedom. Having invested in the necessary underlying infrastructure, the firm was well positioned to develop this solution based on their treasury, SMB, and consumer customer knowledge, as well as expertise in areas such as fraud protection and authentication. 

Banks are well-suited to deliver highly secure and fully customizable payment platforms and applications that leverage various payment gateways and processors. With the introduction of the payment platform, the firm has stepped into the ring, extending its banking leadership to successfully put a stake in this valuable territory. With the platform, the firm delivers a unique and truly innovative payments experience with a wide range of features and capabilities. This universal, all-inclusive solution covers all the major payment types and serves B2B, B2C, SMB, and enterprise needs. 

To build out their new platform, they needed a strategic partner who could take point on the front-end product experience. Because of the scale and complexity of the undertaking, this team needed to have:

  • Expertise in creating user experiences that simply work better for B2B and B2C
  • Top-notch engineering skills to deliver a solution using modern technologies
  • Deep experience delivering results for financial services companies
  • Ability to work on ground-breaking products with a certain level of ambiguity
  • An airtight agile delivery process and approach that can deal with complex workflows and outputs
  • Chops to deliver a finished front-end application in record time
  • Vested interest in the project’s success 

Having worked with Rightpoint on previous customer-facing projects, the client had no reservations when they chose Rightpoint as their sole partner for this project.


Rightpoint was responsible for developing the front-end experience from start to finish. This included:

  • Agile program leadership
  • Architecture and front-end structure
  • Content organization
  • Leveraging and applying the global design system
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Implementation and administrative management tools
  • Support for multiple payment methods and wallets
  • Private labeling customization
  • Invoicing functionality
  • Application, iFrame, and tokenized wallet integration capabilities

Rightpoint worked closely with many different teams at the firm including services and endpoint teams, ADA/compliance, production, product, infrastructure, performance, content, and design. The team used an Agile approach with strong sprint structures to support daily collaboration among multiple feature teams. They also ensured that there was a lot of flexibility in the process so that the team could adapt quickly as the product evolved.

On the technology side, Rightpoint merged React and Adobe Experience Manager components into one single page application architecture. In addition, they made use of the the firm's existing design system of pre-built components (which Rightpoint had previously helped create). Designing and developing within this particular set of constraints increased the complexity of the project by introducing more moving parts and interdependencies, all of which needed to be managed in concert with the work of other teams.

Flexibility wasn’t only a hallmark of the process; it was also a key component of the application. To deliver a truly universal solution, the payments platform needs to be able to adapt to a wide variety of end-user needs. These needs included not only the language, currency, and payment variations required to support truly global capabilities, but also client-specific, brand preferences. For instance, while one client might refer to customers as “customers”, another might prefer to call them “guests.” To accommodate this level of customization, Rightpoint needed to architect the application to allow for custom content and labels. In addition, API-based architecture gives their users the option of using the Rightpoint-built front end or building their own front end to access platform APIs.

Ultimately, the collaborative team successfully delivered:

  • A highly configurable platform that connects with consumers through an experience that looks and feels like each brand’s own experience.
  • An application that empowers customers and suppliers to pay and collect according to their preferences
  • A way to give consumers the choice of how they want to manage their money while relieving businesses from needing to keep track of various payment methods that their vendors and customers prefer
  • Integration with the firm’s treasury applications for seamless integration of payments and cash management

“Corporations have long relied on outdated payment methods for too long and consumers expect digital payment options. Organizations must be able to meet these expectations to stay competitive. The launch of this platform has helped position this Global Financial Services Firm to stand out in an increasingly competitive fintech landscape.”  

Eddie Chin Senior Director of Business Development, Rightpoint


Working with Rightpoint, this Leading Global Financial Services Firm was able to bring a new type of payment platform to market in a very short time. If initial engagement is any indicator, the payment platform is set to dramatically change the way businesses and consumers make and accept payments. 


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