High-powered Telecom Venture Creating the Future of Identity Authentication

Digital Product

Rightpoint was asked to execute the intensely challenging and exciting process of designing, building, and launching a complex technological solution that had no predecessor. Our digital product expertise helped create a highly secure, multi-factor identity authentication platform. 

Starting with a Strategy

Bringing an Innovative Vision to Life through Intense Collaboration

There are some undertakings that are so massive and complicated that they initially seem impossible. There are too many moving parts and too many players. And when those players are global forces, that adds a whole other layer of complexity.


The teams that find success against such challenging odds are the ones that are equipped to deal with all aspects of the project. It’s not just about the technology. It’s also about the people and the process. 


The opportunity was immense. And because of the proprietary information the telecom company had about their audience, they were uniquely positioned to create an identity solution that rivals—and ultimately surpasses—those provided by Facebook, Google, and Apple. 


The client needed a partner with deep UX, technical, and product management expertise to build out the actual product for web and mobile on the consumer and business side. Bringing Rightpoint on board gave the venture access to all the necessary strategic and engineering resources as well as the expertise to manage large, collaborative teams. 

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Creating a Completely New and Unique Digital Platform

The team needed to achieve several key objectives:

  • Solve a very complex technological challenge that involves deeply integrated infrastructure and the highest levels of data privacy, security, and authentication.
  • Manage an equally complex design, development, and launch process.
  • Create a brand new, two-sided marketplace—and corresponding business model to support and promote it—delivers value to both end users and third-party service providers and partners.

An important part of being able to drive toward these goals successfully was Righpoint’s product management experience. The client trusted that Rightpoint could deliver the product because Rightpoint delivery teams, led by highly experienced product managers, are used to navigating ambiguity, building consensus, and quickly determining the critical path to a viable product offering. The team could easily scale to manage the additional work seamlessly because of their strong model and proven processes, which provided critical support through multiple transitions.

Ultimately, we were successful in delivering an easy-to-use, highly secure, multi-factor network-based identity authentication platform to:

  • Give consumers a fast and safe way to register for apps and websites
  • Relieve consumers of the burden of managing countless passwords
  • Enable app developers with on-demand fraud signals Enable personal control of the information shared with apps and accounts

Specific Rightpoint deliverables included technical specifications, mock interfaces, high-level flows (which were a critical alignment mechanism for the entire program), the APIs and test harnesses, demo apps, mock API testing, documentation, web and native SDKs, infrastructure (AWS), design, usability testing, and DevOps. 

For the consumer apps, Rightpoint launched and shipped 8 mobile app variations tailored to different carrier networks with iOS and Android platforms. 

In addition to the product deliverables, Rightpoint also worked closely with the client team to refine its business model to help the venture evolve from a startup to a more complete and stable solution. In particular, Rightpoint provided support and guidance around topics like optimizing processes around triage management, release planning, and platform operations. 

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“Rightpoint had the technological expertise for the project, but what really earned our client’s complete trust was the way we took ownership of the product. We were obsessed with the product’s success. This project tapped into both our ability as big-picture problem solvers who don’t get bogged down in the day-to-day minutia and flawless executors.”

Ben Johnson SVP Digital Products, Rightpoint


Just months after its launch, the platform is on its way to becoming the new standard in identity authentication and management.
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million of consumer and enterprise users for the addressable customer market

Our Contributions


  • Digital Products
  • User Experience (UX) and Design
  • Mobile and Emerging Technology
  • Digital Operations


  • iOS and Android Development
  • Native Mobile SDK Development
  • Front-end Web Development
  • Backend API Development
  • Analytics Tagging and Measurement
  • AWS Cloud Management
  • Salesforce Integration
  • GoTransverse Integration
  • Blockchain Technology