AAA Creating a Personalized Digital Experience to Maximize Memberships

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AAA is a nationally renowned non-profit providing automotive services to its 58 million members across the United States. Rightpoint partnered with AAA to develop a responsive website to attract new members and allow existing ones to fully maximize their membership. The AAA app website shows users all of the products and services that are available with an AAA Membership.

Starting with a Strategy

AAA Northeast’s millions of members are unaware of the many products and services available to them through their membership.

AAA is widely known for its excellent roadside assistance services. However, they also offer products and discounts in areas such as travel, insurance, commerce, and community outreach. AAA is an organization made up of more than 60 regional clubs. They needed a design that could be replicated by other offices while maintaining consistency and brand continuity. How would we engage all users? Our challenge was to design a website that better organizes content and allows users to find what most interests them.  AAA turned to Rightpoint to help build out a robust strategy to unlock Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to help deliver this vision.   


AAA and Rightpoint did extensive user research to better understand what people want out of a personalized experience. The competitive analysis was followed by user testing on the leading competitors in each business vertical including membership, discounts, insurance, travel, and roadside assistance.

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With a user-centric approach we focused on bringing content to the forefront for all of the AAA app users.

The Rightpoint design team began working on a quick mock-up that explored insights from user research, keeping in mind and collaborating with each business vertical. Each brand has different user goals. While the design team focused on experience, the development team focused on leveraging the power and flexibility of Adobe’s AEM. Both teams had to collaborate to learn how to properly organize and structure the project to be the most efficient. We made sure that the components we created were customizable and reusable for the sake of maintaining autonomy and consistency among several independent branches. The same effort was made to handle large amounts of content, which are organized with templates and a universal style.


BlindWays App Screens and Strategy

"Rightpoint enabled our large organization to execute faster online than we ever have. In just a short period of time, we’ve gone from being available to our members online to becoming competitive to many of the largest brands with real-time tools that will enhance the member experience for many years to come."

Mark E. Pelletier Managing Director, eBusiness, AAA Northeast


Increases in user engagement and new users led to a 33%+ increase in revenue generated by the website.
After 17 months of research, design, and development, the AAA app website launched in March 2017. The redesigned site showed metrics that demonstrated higher user engagement. People were spending more time on each page and less time searching on the site. Metrics showed us that these users were also purchasing a higher number of products and services, leading to both increased revenue and customer loyalty. Ultimately, AAA app users are able to find what they are looking for faster and the AAA brand was able to reconnect with their audience.



Our Contributions


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