Virgin Pulse Helping Employers Support Employee Fitness

Digital Product / Healthcare and Life Sciences
Virgin Pulse, part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, sought out a way to motivate their employees toward a more active lifestyle.

Starting with a Strategy


Rightpoint development teams worked with Virgin Pulse to build a wireless Bluetooth (BTLE) solution to get the GoZone pedometer to work with more than 100,000 devices. BTLE is a solution to sync the GoZone pedometer with a smartphone to help support fitness.

Images of Virgin Pulse on various mobile devices


The Rightpoint design and development teams worked to build a wireless, (BTLE) Bluetooth low energy solution to sync the GoZone pedometer device with the iPhone.

Side by side iphones with Virgin Pulse shown



Virgin Pulse was able to begin building their devices. Rightpoint continues to work with Virgin to take the BTLE solution produced for the iPhone and extend the solution to work on Android as well. The BTLE app also lets users develop group challenges and keeps track of earned incentives.

Our Contributions


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