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UserTesting is a mobile app company that helps organizations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft find out what real-world users think of their websites. The UserTesting app analyzes the usability of thousands of well-known websites. 

Starting with a Strategy

With a successful and growing core business of over 30,000 customers, UserTesting knew that the future of technology did not simply consist of websites.

UserTesting apps work to validate product-market fit for mobile usability testing with an over-the-shoulder camera apparatus. UserTesting partnered with Rightpoint to devise a new, software-only usability testing solution for mobile apps instead of traditional and more costly over-the-shoulder cameras.


UserTesting on iphones


Rightpoint developed a cutting-edge Software Development Kit (SDK) that UserTesting can automatically integrate into mobile apps. The UserTesting app records interactions without any interruption to the user’s experience.

Rightpoint researched and developed a SDK that enables HD video, sound recording, and gesture visualization of mobile testers using apps. This presented a myriad of technical challenges that the Rightpoint team overcame through engineering ingenuity and efficient use of device resources. Rightpoint leveraged their extensive knowledge of iOS to achieve several technical breakthroughs utilizing APIs in ways that had never been done before.


UserTesting on iphones

"We’re very pleased with our partnership with Rightpoint. Their attention to detail in UX and their creativity at resolving tough technical problems set them apart from many other development companies."

Michael Mace, VP of Testing, UserTesting


With help from Rightpoint, UserTesting was the first to market a SDK allowing for end-to-end usability testing on a mobile device.

UserTesting allows companies around the world to perform usability tests on their mobile apps. Users get same-day test results that meet any variety of demographic requirements. UserTesting’s growing and diverse tester population wouldn’t have been possible with their over-the-shoulder camera apparatus.

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