Runkeeper When iPhone GPS Was Just a Rumor

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Runkeeper approached Rightpoint to build a website, and the project evolved into developing the Runkeeper app.

Starting with a Strategy

The iPhone had already made a splash.

At the time of the Runkeeper app development, Apple had just announced that an App Store was on its way. Rightpoint suggested a launch strategy that included a mobile app to help set Runkeeper apart. 


Runkeeper app on iPhone


Rightpoint provided the initial branding, design, and development for Runkeeper, and handled the process of launching the product in the App Store.

Rightpoint knew the iPhone 3G launch would include GPS, rather than the WiFi triangulation of the original iPhone. Rightpoint decided to make a calculated risk and build the first Runkeeper app that would work with GPS.

Woman running up stairs with teal blue tennis shoes


Runkeeper launched the first 1,000 or so apps in the newly released App Store.

To date, more than 38 million people train with Runkeeper. The Runkeeper app continues to be at the top of its category in lifestyle and fitness today.


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