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The retail industry is constantly changing. The companies that stay ahead are able to balance the minutiae of day-to-day evolution with big-picture strategy. Using in-depth analytics and insights, Rightpoint helped a national retailer with more than 200 stores nationwide tackle the dual challenge of optimizing their existing ecommerce experience while at the same time reimagining their overall omnichannel customer experience (CX). This work helped the client take important steps toward improving customer retention and loyalty.

Starting with a Strategy

Build Omnichannel Excellence and Drive Engagement Beyond First Purchase

In retail, understanding the customer is critical to driving loyalty, which ultimately drives higher profits. As a leading national retailer, the company was ready to take advantage of modern insight strategies focused on:

  • Insights on customer behavior: They recognized they had more to learn about their customers, particularly in terms of online versus in-store personas and behaviors.

  • Act on complex business data: Their business model included many different variables that could affect customer behavior and overall business performance.

  • Optimize ecommerce experience: The sheer scope of their product line created risk of confusion, which in turn reduced product findability and created additional points of friction for shoppers. 

The situation offered a huge opportunity to improve the commerce experience.  Partnering with Rightpoint, they identified an always-on approach to listen, interpret, act and monitor through quantitative and qualitative methods. The work would support two tracks:

  • A series of data-driven design optimizations to the existing ecommerce experience

  • The creation of customer journey documentation that would provide a roadmap to help create the brand’s future omnichannel CX

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Fixing Immediate Challenges and Building Future Successes

The team began the engagement just before the holidays with the intention of optimizing key site experiences in advance of the busiest shopping time of the year. They used the period of high-volume interaction with the retailer’s website to build expertise on both the customers and the experience. This initial assessment on the current state of performance helped the team identify points of friction as well as opportunities. 

This initial stage of the project used a sprint model to touch on each key area of the site, performing analysis using both quantitative and qualitative data, exploring UX best practices, and doing unmoderated user testing of site taxonomy. 

With this foundation in place, the team began work on two distinct tracks. 

Track 1: Website and Commerce Design Optimizations

This track was a continuation of the pre-holiday analysis and optimization work. It covered four main areas:


Website and Commerce Design Optimizations


Working one sprint ahead of the design team, Righpoint’s analysts were able to continuously analyze experience and behavioral data to glean performance insights to inform design decisions on a variety of UX elements.


Content Strategy


The team paid special attention to how website visitors explored products and engaged with the client’s content marketing. Like other areas of analysis, this work was done to inform ongoing design optimization recommendations based on how certain kinds of engagement — with inspiration or shop-by-room content, for example — influenced shopping behaviors and outcomes.


A/B Testing Strategy


For optimizations that warranted live testing, Rightpoint helped the client develop a strategy for building out A/B tests on both creative (messaging, colors, aesthetics, etc.) and technical (page structure, item location, etc.) edits. 


Performance Measurement Visibility


Throughout the entire process, Rightpoint delivered highly tailored, audience-specific analytics and insights reporting to a variety of different audiences within the client organization. The customized analyses provided the right highlights and level of detail to ensure that insights were not only relevant to each audience, but also actionable. The reports and Rightpoint’s guidance also helped build data literacy on ecommerce performance in the organization. 

Track 2: Development of Omnichannel Customer Journey Documentation

While Track 1 work was expanding to cover more of the website, the Rightpoint team simultaneously fed Track 1 insights into developing Customer Journey documentation designed to drive foundational CX transformation.


Following the Rightpoint Way methodology—Frame, Shape, Create, Iterate —Rightpoint identified opportunities for brand interaction across three distinct cohorts of their omnichannel journey. Because the resulting Customer Journey documentation was fully backed by qualitative and quantitative data analysis and research, it provided a stable foundation on which to begin constructing the client’s future omnichannel CX. 

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"This project is a great example of how we can effectively combine multiple analytics work streams to drive short-term performance optimization while also building the core of a transformative CX strategy to support long-term growth. And the collaborative nature of the partnership allowed us to deliver the insights to inform the immediate work of several teams while also helping build organizational data literacy and expertise."

Kathleen Lukasik Director of Analytics and Insights, Rightpoint


This two-track approach allowed the team to deliver ongoing short-term incremental optimizations while simultaneously building up a wealth of analytics insights to inform the long-term CX strategy. Overall, the team made more than 60 design-driven site recommendations that delivered immediate optimization value and also contributed to the CX roadmap to develop a powerfully personalized and seamless omnichannel experience.
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