Global Leader in Data, Insights, and Consulting Creating a Vision and Design for a Fully Reimagined Product Experience

Customer Experience

This Global Leader in Data, Insights, and Consulting has a mission to inspire and facilitate growth by helping their clients gain a deep understanding of people, markets, and trends. They engaged Rightpoint to help them reimagine and redesign the interface of their product to deliver a seamless, modern, and scalable user experience. 

Starting with a Strategy

Transforming Both Sides of the Digital Coin: Infrastructure and User Experience

As a global leader in the research and insights space, they manage to always stay one step ahead in a very competitive market. Their 28,000 employees provide 90 markets around the world with digitally collected data and real-time insights at scale. And, with 2 billion data profiles and 88 million respondents, they have a vast amount of content to share. 


Their online platform provides retailers with access to unique research and in-depth analysis that helps them stay ahead of market trends, build strategic plans, and maximize growth opportunities. 


Originally, they approached Rightpoint to manage a customized Sitecore implementation and overall technology upgrade. Rightpoint’s holistic view of the situation, however, made it clear that the underlying technology and customer-facing experience were two sides of the same coin. To really succeed, they needed to address both:

Infrastructure Overhaul

The internally developed the platform and tech stack wasn’t aging well. Over the years, they had created a vast volume of content, but the system hadn’t evolved fast enough to keep up with increasingly complex demands. This Global Leader in Data, Insights, and Consulting company needed to address the platform’s stability, power, and scalability. 

User Experience Transformation

The initial versions of the platform were architected from an internal perspective rather than a customer perspective. Because of this, the navigation, tagging, and search were not up to their standards in terms of UI, functionality, or efficiency. Their primary audiences—high-level retail buyers, researchers, and analysts at enterprise retail companies—were used to dealing with best-in-class tools and systems, and they had high expectations that far exceeded what the existing platform was able to deliver.


The ultimate goal for the teams was to create one, seamless, interconnected, and scalable content delivery platform to transform the way the platform delivers insights. The successful solution would improve operational efficiency exponentially while delivering a wholly reimagined user experience that exceeded customer expectations. 

Global Leader in Data, Insights, and Consulting


Uncovering the Opportunities and Building a Roadmap to Realize Them

Rightpoint’s approach to the challenge of re-envisioning the user experience and infrastructure included three phases: Discover, Define, and Design.

Discover — Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

The art of discovery lies in knowing which questions to ask and how to pull truly enlightening answers out of end users and stakeholders. The Rightpoint team’s deep dive into the platform included reviewing more than 50 technical documents and performing 30 stakeholder sessions, 21 one-on-one interviews, 11 Voice of the Customer sessions, 6 experience audits, and 14 multi-business unit work sessions. 

This thorough process combined with Rightpoint’s ability to identify unique insights and connections based on their broad experience across multiple industries and clients led to the development of a core set of pillar insights. These pillars covered both short-term strategies for immediate action and future-facing strategies to ensure sustained growth over the long term. 

Opportunities to be addressed immediately included:
  • Enabling content to move across channels more fluidly
  • Providing customers with more context around recommendations
  • Updating the UI to support a constantly scaling content catalog

Opportunities to be addressed in subsequent rollouts included:
  • Transitioning to a newsroom-publishing content approach to manage velocity and accuracy
  • Developing collaboration tools and self-service options to better serve customers’ modern team structures
  • Offering multiple ways to buy access beyond a traditional subscription model

Define — Articulating the Vision

With the pillar insights in hand, the team had the information they needed to define the vision for the new experience and underlying infrastructure. While the transformation was comprehensive, touching nearly every aspect of the technology and UI, there were several key focal points that served as a foundation for the overall project:

Separating the marketing website from the platform experience.

Before the redesign, their marketing website and the application looked very similar. This lowered not only the quality of the user experience, but also the perceived value of the platform. A new, dashboard-inspired look for the platform was more suitable and allowed for a modern browse-explore-interact experience that was intuitive and responsive across desktop and mobile devices.

Redesigning the search functionality.

The core purpose of the platform is to get customers the specific, tailored information they need as quickly and easily as possible. To deliver on this promise, they needed a powerful search solution. Rightpoint designed and deployed intelligent and predictive search powered by Coveo throughout the entire experience. This solution reduces friction, increases speed and accuracy, and helps users find content more quickly and intuitively with recommendations based on past behaviors, preferences, and history.

Adding a layer of personalization to customize and contextualize the user experience.

The team also improved the experience with a new interactive and personalized dashboard that features the insights, data, and recommendations that are most relevant to each individual user. This relevancy is achieved via user recognition (to power recommendations based on identity and behavior) and manual customizations defined by the user.

On the technology side, Rightpoint worked very closely with the team to ensure that all the connections from the existing site, which was incredibly robust and complex, were successfully ported over to the new Sitecore platform. This feat was accomplished with highly detailed requirements and very tight and consistent collaboration.

Design — Bringing the Vision to Life

The final phase of the project married the technology of the platform with the insights about how to create a more sophisticated and user-friendly dashboard. In addition, the design elements needed to align with a simultaneous overall brand update that they were managing from their London office. 

The design process was very collaborative and iterative from start to finish. It included a full-day client workshop to review key visual and voice/tone elements in the brand update. In the end, having the platform transformation and brand update happening at the same time was an opportunity for each effort to benefit from the other. Rightpoint was able to take advantage of visibility into their overall branding work, and also was able to influence that brand evolution across the global redesign. 

In addition to developing the platform visual designs and contributing to the development of the brand voice/tone with contextual copy in comps, Rightpoint also partnered with this Global Leader in Data, Insights, and Consulting company to create a promotional video for the new platform. This piece was used to message both internal stakeholders and end users. 

“We worked with this client to redefine the way their clients engage with their retail and shopper expertise. The new platform Rightpoint redesigned provides a technical and experience foundation for their brand’s future evolution, including greater customer value and satisfaction, a stronger brand presence, increased retention, and the ability to capitalize on new revenue streams quickly.. And this is just the beginning.”

Ed Flynn VP, Interaction Design, Rightpoint


The transformation completely reimagined the platform as a highly visual, personalized content dashboard that curates content based on user preferences and makes dynamic, contextually relevant content recommendations based on the consumer’s goals. In addition to a much-improved user experience, the new technology infrastructure positions them to introduce even more advanced functionality in future iterations of the platform.

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