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Spark for Optimizely Commerce

The Spark for Optimizely Commerce accelerator is the optimal and cost-effective way to launch your storefront. Built from years of deep knowledge of the commerce landscape, this is a fully functional storefront integrated into Optimizely. It gets your business up and running with the features you need to deliver a modern Commerce experience. 

Thought: The Rapid Innovation Sprint as an Accelerator for Your Big Idea
Spark for Optimizely Commerce
Thought: The Rapid Innovation Sprint as an Accelerator for Your Big Idea

For many organizations, speed to market is key when deploying a new commerce site. The ever-growing instant gratification culture often leads to a demand for short development cycles and full-fledged solutions. Add to that the complexity of integrations, and the delivery process can become truly messy. Optimizely is a feature-rich back office and frontend API. With an agnostic presentation layer and it is engineered for maximum flexibility in designing and implementing tailor-made visitor and customer experiences. 

As with all the accelerators, this offers a fully integrated starter solution in the form of a working storefront across devices with supporting Optimizely management tools. It demonstrates just some of the functionality Optimizely Commerce offers out of the box. Overall, the accelerator aims to make implementations easier, whether that means having a site up and running as soon as possible or allowing clients to spend more time on rebranding and customizing features.

What do I get with the accelerator?

Content & Catalog Management

Global Navigation, Static Content Components, Product Search, Catalog Navigation, Product Browse, Product Pages, Product Media, N Product Dimensions

Orders & Customers

Shopping Cart, Single-Page Checkout, Guest Checkout, Credit Card Payments (Authorize.NET), Order History, Account Management, Address Book, Wish Lists 

Scalable Configuration

Globalization, Transactional Emails, Multi-Site Capable, Configurable Theme, Global Settings, Form Field System, Gateway Plug-Ins, Caching System

Robust Technology & Process Design

Hybrid Headless, SOLID Architecture, Code Splitting, Server-Side Rendering, Image Optimization, Security, Storybook, Swagger UI