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We drive growth by delivering experiences that transform how people, technology and businesses interact. We call this...

Total Experience

Generative AI technologies give us the chance to rewire how we work, how we shop, access healthcare, education and financial services, even how we organize our society.

How we move through that disruption is the definitive challenge facing businesses in the next ten years. At the heart of that change lies experience.

Welcome to the age of Total Experience: a human-centric transformation in the era of AI
The universal availability of AI technologies will disrupt many of the traditional sources of competitive advantage. Those companies that stand apart will be those who most successfully redesign experiences to work for the humans involved - for the customers, employees and wider communities. Not simply automating what we’ve done before but rethinking the whole experience. Total Experience is Righpoint’s approach to that transformation: built for the AI-era, putting humans first. It blends the disciplines of customer, employee and product experience with technical expertise to help businesses rearchitect the way they work in powerful new ways. We believe the next ten years will be the age of Total Experience; we look forward to partnering with its winners.

Customer Experience encompasses every experience point where customers and brands interact, driving connection, transaction and trust.

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