Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Should Merchants Consider Voice Commerce (Yet)?

Technology / Innovation / Mobile

Previously published on Practical Ecommerce.

I accidentally started Siri on my iPhone. It mistakenly thought I said, “Tell me about June my dog injure.” As you can see from the screenshot below, Siri was clueless about how to respond. It did make an effort, however.

If you have shopped online using Alexa or Google Assistant, you may have encountered a similar experience.

According to “Adobe Digital Insights 2018,” more than 40 percent of consumers own a smart speaker, and that was before Q4 2018 sales. One would think we would all be shopping via voice.

But, that is not the reality. We are nearly as far away from conversational commerce now as three years ago. The primary use for voice commerce is to initiate a search for basic research. According to the same Adobe study, 30 percent of smart speaker owners use them to shop online, but only a small percentage consummate a purchase, even re-order.

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