Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Rightpoint Earns Partner Specializations for Episerver CMS and Digital Experience Cloud

Platforms / Technology

Rightpoint, an independent customer experience agency with technology at its core, today announced it has been awarded an elite Specialization classification for both Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and CMS, enhancing its visibility and viability among Episerver’s partner network.

To become specialized, Rightpoint met strict, verified requirements including having a minimum of three Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and CMS service live sites, no fewer than three active certified developers, who have completed and passed Episerver CMS service training, and at least one customer case study. In fact, Rightpoint far exceeded these standards, with multiple case studies, including Topper’s Pizza and Children’s International and a diverse array of other Episerver clients, including Access Community Health Network, American College of Emergency Physicians, CF Industries and many more. These Specializations are valid for one year but can be maintained by adding additional customer live sites annually and maintaining at least three live sites at a time. 

With the Episerver CMS and Digital Experience Cloud Specializations, Rightpoint will be better able to promote its deep Episerver expertise while potential customers can identify Rightpoint as an organization with comprehensive implementation experience to call upon for their specific needs. Combining Rightpoint’s Episerver-specific knowledge with an expansive set of supplemental skills, including digital strategy, commerce, user experience and mobile application experience means that customers are paired with a team able to handle an incredibly varied mix of requirements and goals. 

“When Rightpoint was presented the opportunity to participate in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and CMS Specialization program, it was an easy decision for us given our history with Episerver and our enthusiasm of showing potential customers how the product can help them create memorable experiences and add incredible value to their business,” said Brian Browning, Vice President for Digital Experience for Rightpoint. “Episerver represents a compelling assembly of persuasive technologies that allow us to carefully craft and deliver experiences that truly move the needle for our customers. This specialization program builds upon our previous recognitions as Episerver Premium Partner of the Year (North America) in 2016 and the Strategic Partner of the Year (North America) in 2017 and helps potential customers to understand that Rightpoint is truly poised to help them transform their business using Episerver’s digital experience platform.”

For Episerver, the Specialization program across five product lines (Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, Episerver CMS, Episerver Commerce, Episerver Campaign and Episerver Personalization) allows it to track customer satisfaction with Partners and monitor Partner capabilities to promote accordingly.

“Specialization classification is an impressive undertaking and speaks to Rightpoint’s track record of hyper-successful projects using Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and CMS,” said Karen Chastain, Director of Global Alliances and Partners for Episerver. “These Specializations, in particular, shows business customers that Rightpoint understands the value of handing over the most productive platform to them when the initial project is complete, so anyone using the CMS is able to easily create and use compelling content across channels.”

With over 450 full-time employees in 10 offices worldwide, Rightpoint combines the unique strengths of a digital agency, business consultancy and system integrator with expert knowledge of the world’s most powerful experience platforms. Episerver’s platform is a standout example of the true power of leveraging content, commerce and personalization in a way that is meaningful to customers while maintaining an ease-of-use that makes it particularly well-suited toward businesses and organizations that need the ability to experiment and deploy new digital experiences at speed.

Rightpoint is excited about the future of the Episerver partnership for a number of reasons. Episerver is completely focused on solving the kinds of business challenges our clients work with every day. The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform offers a truly compelling approach thanks to the integrated nature of search, content, personalization and commerce-driven functionality, delivered in a package that is highly scalable, secure and technically efficient. Being able to utilize Episerver’s connector-based approach to third-party integration with popular platforms like Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, IBM Marketing Cloud and Hubspot allow us to more quickly access and act upon information found in multiple systems, delivering much more meaningful and transformative experiences for our customers.