Thursday, October 5, 2017

Digital Empathy: How It Can Make a Difference in Children's Healthcare

Brandon Rozelle, SVP, Growth Strategy
Innovation / Technology

Today, we are launching Rightpoint's first-ever industry-focused POV. Think of it as a briefing—a dialogue where we explore what is happening in an industry, why it is happening, what it means and what opportunities this affords organizations responding to the shift. We've chosen to talk about the intersection of healthcare and technology, and more specifically, children's healthcare and the concept of Digital Empathy—where compassion and caring are expressed through the medium of technology.

Technology has a reputation for being cold. However, we see it as an opportunity for warmth, giving kids the empathy they need to heal. We believe that embracing familiar and emerging technology can lessen the stress that medical staff, patients, and their caregivers feel. Digital empathy can also unlock the moments where technology can help provide physical, social, and emotional well-being.

What if…

  • Doctors used voice to capture notes, so they have more mental energy for care?
  • Wearables helped log health data to digital charts, making for more productive and detailed encounters?
  • Push notifications alerted patients and their doctors, making it easier for each to act on health trends?
  • Chat could help parents connect with nurses and caregivers in real time, giving them the peace of mind they need to handle all the small moments?
  • Kids could use voice to change the environment in their room, like the lights, temperature, and TV, so they have a sense of control when they’re feeling insecure?

Join us as we explore the future of children’s healthcare, and how digital empathy can help bridge the moments in an imperfect system, easing burdens so kids can get the care they need to get well. 

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