Monday, August 28, 2017

Content & Commerce Done Right: 5 Steps to Building an Effective Commerce Plan

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As a customer experience agency with deep technical capabilities, we work with organizations every day to better understand their customers and deliver personalized, digital commerce experiences that leverage rich product and marketing content. That’s not a trivial task. There are many key activities that support launching a digital commerce project, beyond picking the right platforms, creating awesome websites and digital marketing solutions, and loading up an online store with product and marketing content.

"Integrated Content and commerce", "exceptional customer experience" and "personalization" are all hot digital marketing buzzwords that our customers are looking for. However, it's not possible to create a personalized experience without a thorough understanding of your customers and their path to purchase. You also need to have the product and marketing content to power that personalization and the resources to deploy that content.

Even when you do know your customers and their journey, you can't possibly meet all their needs in your first version of an online store. After launch, you must analyze, learn, and continuously iterate to keep up with changing customer expectations. 

To help companies achieve better results with their digital commerce initiatives, Rightpoint published a whitepaper on how to develop rich content and commerce solutions. In it, you’ll learn the “hows” of a designing a rich customer experience to power your customer engagements:

  • How to align your digital commerce initiatives with your business objectives
  • How to map out a digital commerce roadmap for quick wins and on-going growth
  • How to better understand your customers and their buying journey
  • How to map out a digital commerce roadmap for quick wins and on-going growth
  • How to design rich, personalized customer experiences leveraging product and marketing content that is relevant and timely across all channels

This whitepaper is one of three commerce-specific thought pieces, and is intended to help you create more relevant commerce plans with product and marketing content, and the best methods for delivering it to your target customers when and where they want it, as they shop online for your products and services.

Get Part 1 of the whitepaper by Rightpoint.

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Dale Traxler is Vice President of Commerce Solutions at Rightpoint. Follow Dale on Twitter and LinkedIn.