Friday, August 4, 2017

Only Tech Companies Will Survive in a Digital World

Ross Freedman, Co-founder and Board Member
Innovation / Strategy / Technology

What do today’s car manufacturers, pizza chains, accounting firms, hospitals and government agencies all have in common? Despite products and services that span industry sectors, if they are going to be successful in today’s new digital economy, each of these organizations must think, act and operate like a tech company.

By this point, every business – regardless of the industry in which it operates, the number of people it employs or the geography that it serves – is either embarking on or is in the midst of a digital transformation. No longer is the idea of “digital transformation” a strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Rather, it is a necessity to survive. But what does a digital transformation entail? Is it moving core applications to the cloud, or leveraging machine learning to identify customer interaction patterns, or creating collaborative digital workspaces? Or is it developing digital commerce solutions or creating an Amazon Alexa skill to interact with your customer? Yes. The answer is yes, digital transformation is all of this.

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