Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Managed Services: Sprint to the finish line … then start the marathon

Joseph Lee, SVP, Digital Operations

Your data center is up and running…. Your new intranet is live… Your website has launched….  Now what? If you think you can just let your systems ride, think again. How do you continue to maximize the investments you have made in your organization?

 You know that having the systems in place to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of every aspect of your business is not optional – it’s mission critical.  Yet, getting the systems up and running is only the first step.  Words like “innovative” “customized” and “state-of-the-art” can quickly turn into “antiquated” “legacy” and “obsolete” if you do not plan for the post-launch critical support and continuing platform enhancements.

 Most organizations don’t have the internal resources necessary for 24x7 support and maintenance of complex enterprise systems. If this is the case, a comprehensive managed services program can assure proactive maintenance that will keep your systems up-to-date and aligned with your business requirements while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor costs and down-time.

 Consider this analogy. A smart vehicle owner wouldn’t conduct regular oil maintenance while completely disregarding the car’s tires, brakes, battery and other internal systems. Similarly, it would be irresponsible for an organization to invest time and capital into enhancing its critical line of business (LOB) applications with the latest upgrades without also ensuring the stability, maintenance, and support of the cloud hosting, infrastructure, OS, data, application and integrated systems. This “full-stack” approach to managed services is paramount to enhancing your tech infrastructure and LOB investments. 

A comprehensive approach to Managed Services combines support with continuing platform enhancements and development.    “If you build it, they will use it” is no longer a sustainable approach to application life cycle.  The functional experience is key to user adoption and an issue or error can diminish the success of the platform.  Users will find a way to use different solutions if they aren’t satisfied with what they are given.  With the implementation of incremental enhancements your users will feel the attention and value you provide. Regularly scheduled sprints delivers bug fixes and enhancement to maximize value and ROI. 

If you understand the importance of managed services, you must understand that the approach you take to managed services is equally important.