Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Recapping Denver SharePoint Fest

Steve Tonkin, Solution Architect

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at SharePoint Fest in Denver with Paul McAleer, my fellow Denver Rightpointer. We were getting exponentially more excited as we started to craft our talk, since we would be blending together user experience and technical design related to the past, present, and future of SharePoint.

Turns out, we had a fantastic and engaged crowd for our session and were able to tie together our lessons learned from the past in both designing and implementing technology. We then were able to talk about what we are seeing in current trends, where they came from, and why they were (or weren’t!) important.

Then we got to look into the future and predict where technology is heading. I had just watched the movie “Ex Machina” and was afraid of killer androids. Paul had a more positive outlook.

In putting together our research for this, Paul and I discovered that features and functionality are best driven by understanding what a user needs and desires, which do change over time. However, having a sound digital strategy will provide a foundation for a well-designed experience.

Mostly, we learned it’s important to keep up with what’s happening right now, but to separate the trends from the fundamentals.

Oh, and we learned that in a room of around 50 people, 100% of them had seen “Back to the Future”, so we didn’t have to cut any jokes.

If you’d like to see our slides from the session, they can be found here.