Wednesday, October 7, 2015

PEDL – Rightpoint’s Product Experience & Design Lead Program

Gabriel Bridger, SVP Executive Creative Dierctor


Companies rely on agencies to provide fresh thinking and quick action to cut through their problems and deliver smart, differentiating solutions. But the industry has undergone multiple waves of consolidation, leading to bloat and stagnation. Larger agencies introduce too many layers between the creators and clients, and neither are satisfied with the arrangement.

So how can we grow without falling into the same predicament?

Stay lean. Be smart. And always keep clients close to the thinkers and the creators they’re leaning on.

So instead of building out our UX, Visual Design and Content teams with multiple layers of senior leadership, we’re creating a position that crosses disciplines and acts as a singular creative project lead.

For our clients, this allows us to stay streamlined and keep the thinkers and creators close to the clients and the problems their actually solving.

For Rightpoint, this develops a new generation of leaders at Rightpoint by giving them broader responsibilities and gives them a total view of opportunities within engagements.

They are expected to deliver in four key areas:

  1. Vision
  2. Executional Excellence
  3. Efficiency
  4. Accountability

In short, the Product Experience & Design Lead is the singular owner responsible for the creative output of the team. The goal of this approach is to streamline the creative process and overall responsibility set while giving PEDL’s the opportunity to play a greater role in the final output on critical work.