Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Exciting Announcements On + Microsoft At Dreamforce #DF15

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DF 1
Salesforce & Microsoft on stage during the 2015 Dreamforce keynote

It’s day 2 of Dreamforce and as usual, the new enhancements continue to impress. Today’s keynote, as well as a session I attended with Microsoft, shared a sneak preview of what is to come in the Salesforce Winter ‘16 release and beyond. Some of my favorites include:

Files Connect

One request that I hear most from customers is around document management and deeper integration with Microsoft SharePoint. It’s something that has been in the works and highly anticipated for a very long time. Well, you’re in luck! Coming in the next Salesforce release, Files Connect will now allow users to browse, search, edit, and share SharePoint and OneDrive for Business files inside of Salesforce. Users will be able to embed files into Salesforce processes via Chatter and Community Cloud. It’s also supported in Salesforce1 so users can edit documents on the go which will be a huge boost for sales productivity.

Salesforce App for Outlook

This app has been available for a few months but has only provided read-only access to Salesforce data in Outlook. Coming in Winter ‘16, users will now be able to save emails back to Salesforce, create contacts, and access Salesforce records related to emails directly in your Outlook. Another great advantage of this app is that it is also 100% cloud based so it doesn’t require a client side installation and no upgrades are required. This feature will work with Outlook 2013 and Office 365.

Skype for Business

Skype (previously known as Lync) integration with Salesforce is on the roadmap for 2016 which will be an awesome feature for those that use Skype at work. Users will be able to conduct Skype chat, video, and voice calls directly inside of Salesforce allowing users to easily connect with customers and sell faster. You will also be able to schedule Skype meetings with customers and coworkers from Salesforce. Very cool!

OneNote Integration

Users will be able to access and instantly share OneNotes from inside of Salesforce and Salesforce1 on any device. You can browse, search, and collaborate in OneNote in a single interface which again, will be a great feature going forward. This is on the roadmap for 2016.

In addition to the above enhancements, there are other exciting features in the works as well which include:

  • Delve integration
  • Sign in to Salesforce from Azure Active Directory
  • Sign in to Office 365 with Salesforce Identity
  • Integrate Salesforce with custom apps using the .NET toolkit
  • Seamless analytics with PowerQuery for Excel + Salesforce
  • Salesforce Wave connector for Excel

The Salesforce + Microsoft partnership, integration, and enhancements continue to improve with each release. It will allow the thousands of customers out there that use both Salesforce and Microsoft products to work more efficiently and ultimately make your day-to-day job easier.