Wednesday, April 15, 2015

EPiServer - The Complete Digital Experience

If you haven’t heard, EPiServer and Ektron merged in January 2015 to create a complete digital experience platform in the cloud. The newly created platform, EpiServer, now connects content, commerce and connectivity into one powerful solution. Wondering why this matters? Well, EPiServer brings a lot of great features to the table. Read this blog to learn more about how this solution could help your company or, download EPiServer’s ebook, Five Principles for Agile Marketing.

EPiServer’s ecommerce software and web content management system work to create customer experiences that make an impact and generate business results. Currently, these platforms have been enabling companies such as Pizza Hut and Giant Eagle to drive awareness to their brand and campaigns. Take a look below to see their benefits.

EPiServer’s Ecommerce Platform:

▸ Helps create multichannel content for targeted campaigns with tools to help you personalize and optimize your efforts
▸ Brings mobile first technology to make sure customers get a consistent brand experience
▸ Enables global commerce sites to be up and running quickly
▸ Drives customers to the right product so they can get in front of the correct content, every time
▸ Is the only enterprise-class .NET based e-commerce platform with a built-in CMS. Helping to create a customer experience that won’t be forgotten

EPiServer’s Web Content Management System:

▸ Creates an easy way to edit and manage content by crafting online experiences without clutter and confusion
▸ Builds a site that delivers great experiences no matter the device you are on
▸ Allows the promotion, personalization and measurement of content across all channels
▸ Delivers personalized experiences to different audience members
▸ Integrates Google Analytics to enable the racking of important performance stats
▸ Combines social media to reach socially focused customers
▸ Uses search technology to guide visitors for higher conversion rates

Now that EPiServer has Ektron’s digital experience management capabilities, marketers are going to have software that will help them with all of their needs like never before.

To learn more about how this solution could help your company, download EPiServer’s ebook, Five Principles for Agile Marketing. This ebook helps determine how to uncover the problems you may have and learn how to prioritize, allocate and attack these issues.