Sunday, February 22, 2015

Migrate Hosted Mail to Microsoft Office 365 using MigrationWiz


What is MigrationWiz?

MigrationWiz is a cloud-based migration solution that’s helps organizations migrate data quickly and seamlessly with zero user downtime. Migrate from your existing cloud-based or on-premise email solution to Microsoft Exchange Online with no software to download, and no technical knowledge for deployment.

In addition to migrating traditional mailbox data such as email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and journals, MigrationWiz has the ability to migrates PSTs, public folders, documents and other data types. Its scalability allows users to easily handle projects of any size, from a small 10-person startup to a 10,000-seat enterprise migration.

The Migration Plan

Let’s go with a common scenario. Your organization currently uses a Hosted Exchange environment for email and you are looking to migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online. No problem! Using Rightpoint as your trusted partner, we can assist you with your planning and cost analysis with using MigrationWiz to perform a successful migration.

Rightpoint will help you put together a Migration Plan unique to your organization to address each stage of the process which includes:

  • -Pre-Migration Planning
  • -2-3 Weeks before migration
  • -1 Week before migration
  • -Day of Migration
  • -Post Migration Support and what to expect

How does the Migration Process Work?


Once you’re on your way to a successful migration, MigrationWiz simply moves your data from your source (Hosted Exchange) to the destination (Microsoft Exchange Online) without storing or keeping it anywhere else. Your data is simply retrieved, moved, and passed along.

In addition, MigrationWiz places no limits on the speed of migrations – you’re only limited only by the speed of the source and destination servers you’re migrating to and from.

Here’s what MigrationWiz performs during every migration, every time:

  • -Converts your data from the source to destination format automatically
  • -Migrates the data to the destination system – Microsoft Exchange Online
  • -Encrypts data throughout the migration for maximum security
  • -Users will have full access to their data on both the source and destination servers during the migration – with zero downtime

Additional Considerations

With years of experience, Rightpoint knows what questions to ask and where to focus to ensure a seamless migration for your organization.

Additional areas we can provide guidance & planning to ensure success are:

  • -Cost Analysis
  • -Migrating Archives, Public folders and PST’s
  • -Infrastructure support (Network options for MX records, DNS, etc)
  • -Maintaining Permissions
  • -Implementing Retention Plans
  • -Maintaining current Exchange integrations
  • -Mobile Device considerations
  • -Shared Mailboxes

To Learn more about migrating to Microsoft Exchange Online, give us a shout. Making new connections just happens to be one of our favorite things!