Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rightpoint Michigan – Crawl, Walk, Run

Jesse Murray, SVP, Employee Experience

Rightpoint Michigan was born December, 2012 and found our first home in May 2013, a functional space with some Rightpoint Chicago flair along for the ride. Thankfully we were bursting at the seams by the end of 2013 and began the planning and build out of our next space on par with our company values, culture and needs. Ultimately we decided to move within the same building, 43155 Main Street, but this time focusing on a more modern open space concept. What seemed like a logistical endeavor had truly turned into a real world implementation of the Rightpoint company values.


Michigan – Crawl

Picking up where we left off - The Right Space - Making it Home


Modular desks, sweet chairs, whiteboards, external monitors, and a window view! As you can see, we didn’t have much room to add on; no conference rooms, activity areas, eating space… you get the point.

“You obviously have a great deal to look forward to, but pausing a moment and reflecting what got you here... now that is a great thing in itself.”

-- Tim Stahl

“I am going to miss the locker room feeling when you walk in. ☺ I will also miss the nostalgia of the first Rightpoint office space outside of Chicago….”

-- Ross Freedman


Michigan - Walk

We are a company of creatives, agency and technology; we’re open and we thrive on conversation. We HAVE to collaborate to be successful and our open space concept offices are designed to reflect that need to make collaboration easy. Have a problem, ask a fellow Rightpoint colleague. Have a great idea for leadership; walk over to the founders Brad and Ross or your local geo lead and pitch it. It’s not so much that we have an open door policy rather we have a no doors policy.



We knew at the onset that a space that encourages collaboration by design was key but perhaps didn’t realize the amount of collaboration it would take to pull it off! We knew a standard space of cubicles, corner offices and large mahogany furniture was not for us.

So we began on our design journey much the same way we begin any customer journey, with a set of user interviews. First we engaged our project stakeholders, the Michigan team, to establish our vision for the new space. Having our goals and budget established we started working on the design phase (wireframes and creative) as well as our technical design (electrical, physical access and networking needs).




It took an amazing amount of teamwork from many Rightpointers, the building management and the various vendors to reach our goal but the result was well worth it; dedicated conference rooms, phone rooms, team rooms, dining area and whiteboards everywhere!

clip_image006 clip_image008 clip_image010



Passion is another value we look for at Rightpoint; people that are driven, love what they do, and have fun doing it. The work hard, play hard mentality is core to Rightpoint. So with that in mind we wanted the new office to be fun and have things to do as a team between all of the great client work. Whether that means a Madden tournament on the Xbox One, a sacrificial game of Ping Pong against our own Mike Marnocha, overly competitive Bean Bag Toss, or jamming out on one of the guitars for some mental recuperation the new space has something to stimulate the child in all of us.





We are proud of our customers, our work, and awards. We were just named to Forbes’s list of America’s Most Promising Companies. We have a WOW wall to recognize achievements and give kudos to others for being awesome.


“We're incredibly honored to be recognized by Forbes. The progress
we continue to make would not be possible without the dedication, agility and passion of our team,” said
Brad Schneider, Co-founder of Rightpoint. “We are humbled by this distinction and have a lot more in store for 2014 and beyond.”



“We are incredibly humbled to be recognized by Microsoft on a global level,” said Rightpoint Co-Founder Ross Freedman. “Change is the new constant, and the recent advancements in technology have significantly improved the ways we collaborate and connect with our colleagues, customers and partners on a daily basis.”



“Rightpoint is Microsoft’s go-to partner in the Central region for several Microsoft solution areas,” said John Sprecher, Central Region Partner Director, Microsoft. “As a hybrid digital agency and IT consultancy, Rightpoint not only offers innovative business-critical solutions for our joint enterprise customers, they build a level of unparalleled trust with our customers as they navigate enterprise challenges around social, cloud and the ubiquity of mobile.”


Michigan – Run


Driven to “start something from nothing,” we apply new approaches, look at things from different angles and take calculated risks to come up with new insights. It ensures that we stay on the forefront of our industry and that we not only think conceptually, but provide the opportunity to turn that concept into action.

If you are interested in joining the Rightpoint team take a look at our Careers page. We hope you can join us in the next phase of Rightpoint Michigan!