Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Evolution of the Rightpoint Identity

Tim Stahl, VP, Employee Experience

Most of us learn about a sense of pride at an early age. Our first steps, learning to read, earning a good grade, even losing our first tooth can make us feel proud. With the right mindset that pride turns to confidence. When you feel confident you tend to feel taller. You walk with a little more spring in your step, you are more engaging with people, and you take in more of your surroundings. People around you sense that confidence. The difference between confidence and arrogance is humility, and that is an important trait for all of us to have.

Working hard for what you have makes you more humble. You know everything it took to get there and how important it is to stay grounded in your values to keep it. Our company and our brand have evolved immensely over the past six and a half years, starting with two guys in a 'borrowed' cafeteria space to a digital agency that is over 100 people strong, with 3 offices, and still growing. That growth has evolved our services, skills, workspace and even our visual identity. We have successfully evolved into one of the fastest growing private companies in America, are among the best companies to work for in Chicago, and expanded to Michigan and Colorado, all while maintaining our values; the heart and soul of the company.

I know that it's a bit of a contradiction to mention humility and brag at the same but I also believe that you must pound your chest every once in while. Our identity and our new office are representative of our confidence, pride and humility all at the same time. Our refreshed identity is standing up and showing the more bold and self-assured side of Rightpoint. We are the driving force in building brands, internally and externally. We are the perfect blend of digital agency and tech consulting and our identity needed a better representation of that position. We have grown from a group that flew under the radar to a force that now cannot go unnoticed.

While our new identity is not a complete redesign, I believe the refresh is a strong mark that helps illustrate the more mature, confident and diverse personality of Rightpoint. Below is an evolution of our identity over the past six plus years and how our identity is evolving as we have evolved as an organization. We are proud to be “standing up” today as one of the nation’s leading technology-focused digital agencies.

A Look Back in Time: Our Identity Evolution Over the Years

The original RightPoint logo, circa 2007, was meant to visually represent pointing in a new direction. The corner of the business card was designed to fold over on itself to reflect the company logo in an interactive fashion.

The point became the focus of our identity, using the blue upturned corner in many marketing materials. When it came time to redesign the logo, the point came along for the ride with a new visual representation. Although none of the marks between the first and last were used, it’s merely to visually illustrate the transition to our now very recognizable mark.

An initial identity redesign happened in 2009 by livening up the color palette with orange and warm grey. The conceptual driver was to keep the point as part of who we are while introducing an individuality that was distinctly relevant to the organization’s personality. The direction and placement of the point shifted to show forward movement while still aiming for the center.

In 2010 we created the values icons incorporating the Rightpoint icon in each. Conceptually, blending the icon was to demonstrate the fact that we live our core values as individuals and as a company, and that made them uniquely Rightpoint as well.

The refresh of the Rightpoint logo is a bolder, more confident treatment that holds on to its roots by carrying through the color palette and most importantly, the point icon. We have moved away from the more passive lowercase rounded treatment and replaced it with a crisper all-caps design to emphasize the fact that we have stood up as one of the nation’s leading technology-focused digital agencies.