Friday, May 10, 2013

Introducing Rightpoint Michigan - The Right Space

Jesse Murray, SVP, Employee Experience

By Jesse Murray

On our journey so far we've covered the leadership introductions and the first exposures to the Rightpoint people.  Culture continues to be the topic of focus as we move toward finding a location aligned to the brand and expectations of our colleagues (current and future). 

The Right Time and Person
The Right People
 >>The Right Space - Location
The Right Space - Making it Home

Let's start with Chicago, a team full of dynamic individuals, skillsets ranging from creative and user experience to technical development to pmo and an existing office space so nice as to be included in the building managers portfolio.

Did I expect to match this space as a fledgling office in our first year?  Okay no, but it was clear that our space was part of our culture and it was critical that I bring this feel to Michigan.  Ah, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step they say.  And so it was with the decisions and tradeoffs to be made as we began this journey.

Jesse Murray, Tom White
and Scott Hamilton

Our first step? Temporary space, and we filled it quickly.  This was a "meets our needs" accommodation, but one didn't need to engage our creative team to know the room lacked a certain inspirational value; that is unless you enjoy tan walls and no windows!

 At this point our journey has brought us to the point of finding our new home, certainly not a small decision.  I knew from the onset we needed something more than the average office building. To find this non-average building we were faced with a dilemma: do we head downtown like so many or do we find head further out and look for a growing area?  I knew we needed easy access to the freeway and convenient parking, we are consultants after all, but not at the expense of a cool area.  What I didn't know was lease jargon like triple net, office, gross or other considerations like common area load factor. 

Where does one even look for properties?  I, of course, started on the internet and found enough data to start the seeming non-stop list of offices to drive by and/or visit.  For weeks this was a fruitless effort. Either the space was too bland, the freeway access was difficult or the space was out of my desired price range.  And so it was with a wrong turn one day, picking my daughter up from dance, that I stumbled upon our new home.

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