Monday, May 6, 2013

Introducing Rightpoint Michigan

Jesse Murray, SVP, Employee Experience

By Jesse Murray

Challenges are to be expected when undertaking something as big as bringing an established brand to a new market such as we are with Rightpoint's expansion to Michigan.  Name recognition, relationship development, sales and marketing, talent recruitment, pipeline management and delivery are some of those challenges; all of which I felt comfortable tackling as I discussed the opportunity early on with co-founders Brad and Ross.  But there in the corner stood the biggest challenge - Culture!  Over the next few blog posts I'd like to take the opportunity to put to words the experience I've had these past few months in joining the Rightpoint family. 

>>The Right Time and Person
The Right People
The Right Space - Location
The Right Space - Making it Home

Rightpoint leadership knew it was time, time to expand beyond their home in Chicago and through the close collaboration with Microsoft, Michigan was firmly in their sights.  What started as opportunistic growth from Chicago quickly grew to a needed permanent presence.  Michigan was recovering, business activity was expanding and it was time to make a move.

"The single most important thing we looked for in the individual to lead Rightpoint's Michigan Office was the alignment with Rightpoint's core values.  We needed to find someone that would be as passionate about Rightpoint's culture as the core group of leaders at Rightpoint in Chicago.  We wanted someone that had a fire in their belly and an intrapreneurial spirit to grow an office from the ground up." - Ross Freedman

This presented a new challenge, who to entrust with the Rightpoint name and more importantly the culture.  Rightpoint would not be successful in Michigan if the core values that make it so successful were lost in the process.  It is at this point where Ross, Brad and I began our journey.

Over a number of calls, meetings and dinners we discussed a great many things but I could tell they were working through each of the core values and seeing how we aligned.  I shared Rightpoint's core values and often feel as if Ross and Brad were using my thoughts to describe their foundational principles.

One specific value I'll highlight where I was able to immediately take something I believed in the abstract and apply scientific approach, Excellence.  I have always believed in delivering value and quality beyond the client expectations and anything less being unacceptable.  Rightpoint introduced me to "The Ultimate Question" and the concept of the net promoter score.  I won't describe this in detail, though I recommend the book highly, but the clarity of thought provided by this early exchange helped me to understand the expectations side of our culture.

It was evident, I felt, that we were a match, and thankfully Ross and Brad agreed!