Thursday, April 25, 2013

One(Note) Love

For the love of Pete do I enjoy me some sweet, sweet, OneNote. I remember seeing OneNote for the first time in 2007 installed on a tablet computer. I was in college (night school) at the time and thought, "That would be a swell program on which to take nifty class notes!" Sadly, as a Neo-Academic-Luddite, I couldn't bear to part with my traditional pen and paper. I'm now considering grad school (lies!) as long as I can take OneNote into the lecture hall.

I started using OneNote extensively in the office to juggle notes across many client projects. The navigation and organization of pages make it the perfect tool to capture information that you will need to refer to again and again. With the ability to group sections and to make pages into collapsible subpages, you can create handy trees of information. I slapped my forehead in front of a colleague who said they never ever used OneNote, so I thought, why not enumerate my top ten favorite OneNote features.

My Top Ten Favorite OneNote Features:

  • Mail Page: Share notes the way we did in 1997!
  • Shared Notebooks: I have a personal OneNote notebook that I share across DropBox to keep info handy regardless of what computer I'm working on. Also, a shared OneNote file in a SharePoint Team Site is a great way to collaborate.
  • Show Authors: Handy for Shared Notebooks, OneNote offers colored call-outs to show who wrote what.
  • Screen Clipping Tool: Fast access to a basic-featured screen area clipper-grabber is available via Windows Key + S when OneNote is running. This was quickly become my favorite Windows Key Plus command.
  • Recycle Bin: Did you delete something from your notebook? Recover content easily from the recycle bin making your biggest mistakes the littlest biggest mistake to can make.
  • Tags: OneNote offers the ability to "tag" a line with a special iconographic highlights. Example tags are: To Do, Question, and Important. You can create your own tags to align tasks with specifics for your business model.
  • Record: You can record audio and/or video directly from your webcam and embed this content right in your OneNote page.
  • Page Templates: Select from and download many functional page templates to get started on the right foot. These templates have a wide range of uses, from Wedding Planning to History Class Notes.
  • Math: I'm not a math major, but this handwritten equation parser might have a practical use somewhere.
  • Dock To Desktop: Leave OneNote open in a portion of the screen, and it will never fall under other windows again.