Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finding K2 Workspace Using K2 Studio

Let's say you're at a client and are developing K2 processes using K2 Studio. Your two best friends when developing K2 processes are the K2 Process Portal and K2 Workspace. The process portal is a great way to troubleshoot processes and access a processes' XML data via SharePoint. But it has its limits. What if you want more verbose error logs, rapidly start and stop process instances, or action items in bulk? That's when you reach for the K2 Workspace.

Finding a process portal is easy; all you need to do in SharePoint is provision a new site using the process portal template and add the processes. But how can you find the K2 Workspace and take your development to another level? Using K2 Studio it's pretty easy.

Here's how:

  1. In K2 Studio open a project
  2. Open the Object Browser
  3. Click the downward arrow in the right-hand corner of the Object Browser
  4. Select Change Server
  5. In the connection string, the server name can be found after HOST=. Copy the server name and stop at the semicolon before Port.
    • In the screenshot below, the name is YOURSERVERNAME
  6. Paste the server name into your browser's URL
  7. After the sever name, add the text /workspace/navigation/navigation.aspx. The full URL should be YOURSERVERNAME/workspace/navigation/navigation.aspx

If you follow these steps and still don't have access to the K2 Workspace, it's apparent that the K2 Admin hasn't granted other users rights to the K2 Workspace. If they are hesitant to grant server-wide rights, s/he can grant you access to management console and you can manage all of the processes where you are have process administrator rights.