Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What are the Business Benefits for upgrading to SQL Server 2012?

Our Rightpoint architects have spent the last year working extensively with the SQL Server 2012 in conjunction with Microsoft, and with several of our clients. The benefits this new platform has to offer can significantly enhance your SQL Server environments.

1.       Improved Visualization of your Data

With Power View you can extract live data into PowerPoint presentations, saving you time and ensuring up to date information for every meeting. This feature enhances your visualization and interactivity with your data, giving you easy access to the company's data, allowing you to quickly make business decisions, and it does this all within one browser.

2.       Improved Data Quality

Our clients regularly need help with their data quality, an on-going challenge in many organizations. SQL Server 2012 has significantly reduced this problem by improving the accuracy and consistency of the data. It does this by cleaning the data itself resulting in excellent quality and on-going maintenance.

3.       Excellent Performance

SQL Server 2012 greatly improves your query performance by thousands of times. It does this through fast, interactive exploration of your data, allowing you to get even more business value, even quicker, thus resulting in faster and more accurate decisions.

4.       Mission Critical Confidence

SQL Server's new disaster recovery solution helps to protect your infrastructure whilst reducing planned and unplanned downtime. It delivers maximum application availability and data protection, ensuring you have the performance you need, at the right price, especially for mission critical workloads.

5.       Scale Business Solutions Fast with the Cloud

SQL Server 2012 offers you the agility to quickly create and scale solutions that offer you new business opportunity from server to private or public cloud. These are all linked together for optimized productivity allowing you to build once so you can deploy and manage whenever, wherever.