Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to hide the “Workspace” checkbox on a calendar without code or form customization

I often get requests to remove the "Workspace" field on a calendar.   It's a great feature if you need it, but if you don't allow your users to create sub-sites, then it's a training issue to teach people to ignore it.  I prefer to show my users only what they need on a page.  I don't want purposely ignoring fields to become a habit.

So it should be easy...just go to Site Settings, click on the content type "Events", click on the name of the field and change it to hidden.  Nope...that doesn't work.  As you can see below "All Day Event", "Recurrence" and "Workspace" are greyed out and un-clickable.

So off to "Bing" I go....and I search and I search.  I found a way if you change an administrative Hive file or use code.  Neither are solutions for me.  So I search some more...and still nothing for a no-coder like me.

I figure there MUST be a way to do this in my favorite little SharePoint Tool, SharePoint Designer!  And I found what I believe must have been some evil genius at Microsoft's version of a prank or an Easter Egg:  the triple click!   And to be honest, it is so ridiculously simple I thought I must have missed I searched again!  If I missed this solution...please let me means my search skills need some serious beefing.

So finally, the ridiculously easy solution...Triple click the column property and set to "Hidden"

  • 1. Open SharePoint Designer 2010
  • 2. Click Content Types
  • 3. Open the Event Content Type if you want to the field in
    • You can change this at the parent level to affect all lists using the content type or at the sub-site level to change only items on that site.
  • 4. Click on Edit Columns


  • 5. Select the Column Name you want to change the property for
  • 6. Then click the "Property" you want to change 3 times...not twice, not 4 times, but 3 times.

(An even number of clicks (2, 4, 6) does nothing...but a triple click, or any odd number of clicks (5, 7, 9) works every time....weird!)


  • 7. After the 3rd click...wait one second. The property will become a dropdown. Select the value you want then save your changes.


 And Voila!   A no-code way to get rid of that pesky workspace field!

Important note:  Once you start creating calendar items with this field hidden on the content type, it will stay hidden even after you try changing it back...and vice versa: if you created items with the field visible on the content type, the field will stay visible on that content type. 

The workaround for this is to create a new content type, based on the Event, hide (or unhide) the workspace field, and use the new content type as the default moving forward.