Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Help, SharePoint 2010 stole my search scope dropdown!

Jeremy Williams, Sr. Director, Modern Workplace

Alright, here’s a quick one for today…  For those that have already, or are about to, start working with SharePoint 2010, you may have noticed that our old friend the search scope dropdown has been replaced with a plain-Jane ‘Search this site…’ search box:


Depending on your users, this may or may not pose an issue.  If you want your search scopes back, you can do so quite easily by navigating to Site Actions, Site Settings, and then click on ‘Search Settings’ under the ‘Site Collection Administration’ heading.  On that screen, you will notice a new option titled, “Site Search Dropdown Mode”, which gives you the following settings:


So, if you’re looking for that warm-fuzzy feeling that only a search scopes dropdown can give you, simply select the, “Show scopes dropdown” option, click OK and you’ll be good to go!


And yes, for those astute-observers, there are some pretty cool options included in that list now.  Stay tuned for some cool no-code solutions using these other dropdown values.