Monday, June 14, 2010

SharePoint 2010 - the front end UI of Managed Metadata

For me, one of the most exciting components of SharePoint 2010 is the managed metadata service.  First I was excited about a centralized taxonomy tree, but what is even more powerful are all of the connections these tags have with other functionality like metadata navigation within a list, faceted search, and tag clouds.  Bonus - the UI for data entry is clean and easy.  Below are some screenshots and examples around some of the basic elements around the front end UI of managed metadata fields (look for an upcoming post on the back end with the term store).

Creating a Managed Metadata Column

  • You can create a managed metadata column the same way you would create any other column within SharePoint; however I would recommend that these fields be part of a content type, and definitely stored as a site column.
  • There are a couple of important things to note:
    • Enforce Unique Values - identify whether content in this field must be unique in context with other items in the list/library
    • Allow Multiple Values - can an item be tagged with multiple items from the term store
    • Display Value
      • Display Term Label in Field - displays the lowest level of the term selected in the tree
      • Display the Entire Path to the term in the field - displays all terms in the tree down through the term selected (separated by a semi-colon) - this is my preferred method to provide more context.
    • Use a managed term set
      • You can either search for terms and locate the term set, or drill through a tree to locate the beginning of the term tree


Tagging Content

  • What the fields look like:
    • The managed metadata fields are: Category, Group, Product, and Document Classification


  • There are 2 ways to tag content using a managed metadata column within a list or library
    • Browse through a tree of terms to select the appropriate tag
    • Type directly into the field and select from a dropdown of suggestions (matches on the actual term, as well as synonyms that are pre-defined)
    • Note that tagging in datasheet mode is not supported.  Womp womp.  :(


Viewing / Browsing Content with Tags

  • Viewing the properties:
  • MetaData Drilldown
    • First, you must inform the list/library (witin Settings) as to what fields should be available to use in the metadata navigation:
    • Once enabled, the fields are available on the left side of the library to navigate through:
    • When you select an item, it remains highlighted for context, and the list/library is filtered accordingly:


Faceted Search

  • Within search, you begin by entering a query, as per the norm
  • The search results set will bring in matching items, but also presents a tree drill down.  A variety of default filters appear such as site, last modified, and author.  Additionally, the managed metadata fields are displayed dynamically for further filtering


  • And the filtered results: