Monday, April 12, 2010

Social Intranets

As important as the intranet has become, it will never replace face-to-face communications. Building the bridge between the two is social communications.

Effective internal communications (employee communications) requires an integrated strategy with a well-rounded arsenal of communication vehicles and tactics – and both the intranet and social media should figure prominently.

Today's internal communications professionals are challenged to solve a growing range of issues, from engaging a new generation of employees to delivering a consistent message for a dispersed workforce to understanding an ever-proliferating range of technology options for managing communications. Fundamentally, they and the organizations they support are exploring a world defined by social media, in which success requires participating in the conversation rather than issuing commands.

Results from leading organizations demonstrate that communications professionals who solve these challenges effectively have an opportunity to add significant value:

·        Delivering important business performance

·        Improving recruitment and retention

·        Enabling cultural transformation

·        Higher employee engagement

I will be speaking at Communitelligence seminar on these topics May 12