Talks and presentations

Spicing up Swift

SEPTEMBER 4, 2019  BY ZEV EISENBERG In 2015, I ate a hot pepper and talked about Xcode. After a four-year cool-down, I’m back with seven painful, agonizing tips and tricks for Swift developers. Some of the finer […]

Implicit Design

Finding the Implicit Design

Jay Clark talks about the design hidden under the surface of something that looks simple. The implicit design is within those designs and makes the problem of designing great products harder than it looks.

AutoLayout for iOS and Swift

Auto Layout: WTF to FTW

JUNE 30, 2019  BY ZEV EISENBERG Auto Layout issues can be hard to debug, but a website called “WTF Auto Layout?” can help. In this post, we’ll learn how to make this site open every time an […]

Getting Started with Expo and React Native

Joe Meyer gives an overview of how to get started with Expo and React Native. This video will get you started with a basic application using Expo and some of the pros and cons of […]

Modern Marketing and Storytelling

The modern marketer isn’t just about ads, it’s about telling stories that connect with your audience. Greg Raiz talks about storytelling, marketing, and how we can tell stories to improve our brands.

Code Logging

The 5 W’s of Logging

Ed Schwehm talks about the five W’s of Logging. Create easier to debug code, simpler to maintain implementations and easier to keep you and your team smiling. Who, What, When, Where and Why of logging.

Juggling numbers and Swift

Zev Eisenberg talks about the math behind juggling and how patterns of numbers and hand positions made it possible to discover juggling patterns that were previously undiscovered.

Designers Can Commit Too

A lot of designers can be intimidated by anything related to code and I am certainly guilty of this. However, the value that even a basic knowledge of development can have at every stage of […]

Animation in Mobile Apps

How even a designer can create platform driven animations Animation offers greater instructive potential than illustration and is certainly more engaging than text. Animation also provides a delightful sense of polish and attention to detail […]

Cryptography In Colors

A math-light explanation of one of the core technologies of the internet: public key cryptography. We’ll use visual aides and metaphors from Brit Cruise’s Art of the Problem video series on YouTube to explore this topic in-depth. […]