Fixing Controls in Scroll Views on iOS

Learn more about UIScrollView. From ScrollView iOS to UIScrollView iOS, discover how our workaround keeps your UI feeling smooth and consistent with the design language of iOS.

Introducing RIGImageGallery

RIGImageGallery is a component from the Raizlabs Interface Guidelines, which is a set of UI components that offer sensible defaults to help a project get off the ground quickly and feel native to the platform, […]

iOS Typography: Stop Saying “No” to Designers

Learn more about iOS Typography. From tracking typography to typography ascenders, discover how you can stop saying “no” to designers who ask you to reproduce advanced typographic effects on iOS.

UIView Animation Sequencing and Grouping Techniques

Learn more about UIView animations. From cabasicanimation to animation sequencing, discover how to eliminate nested code blocks and make creating complex UIView animations painless by choosing the right animation framework.

NSAttributedString Creation Helpers

NSAttributedString is a great addition to the iOS SDK. Since the release of iOS 6, we are able to use NSAttributedString with UIKit, assigning it to UILabels and  UITextViews. Here is the code for creating this  NSAttributedString: “(middleContent)” (with […]

Animating Items in a UICollectionView

UICollectionView has been called “the new UITableView“, which is not much of an exaggeration. The incredible flexibility of collection views for displaying and facilitating interaction with a collection of data items makes it one of the most valuable tools in the UIKit toolbox for iOS 6 and above.