Whole Lottie Love

Learn more about Lottie animation for iOS, Andriod and Web. Find out how you can use the Bodymovin After Effects extension and Lottie to add animation to your Android projects.

Introducing BonMot 4: Now With Dynamic Type

I wrote BonMot quite by accident. I just wanted to document some typographic tips and tricks that I had learned. NSAttributedString and TextKit are powerful, but they can be impenetrable, and I wanted to shed some light […]

Udacity Fireside Chat with Raizlabs Developer Zev Eisenberg

Udacity’s Gabrielle Miller-Messner interviews Raizlabs developer Zev Eisenberg about iOS typography, WWDC news, and building an app for the blind.

We Love the Product, not the Symbol

The dust has settled from the new logo and app redesign that Instagram launched in May. The overwhelming online consensus regarding the icon change was cynical and negative. Designers even whipped up logo renditions of […]

Putting your users to work? Keep these three tips in mind…

  Expectations of quality for design and development have increased while attention spans have appeared to decrease in recent years. As the trend continues, it becomes more and more difficult to ask users to invest […]