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Problem-Solving For Clients

How does the construction industry manage scale on a per project basis? Is there an easy way to obtain new equipment, then reduce assets on hand when not in use or no longer needed? Our client came to us to solve precisely this problem, with the goal of creating a two-sided marketplace that enables efficient use of resources. This concept unites the needs of buyers with the resources of both large companies and independent contractors alike.

Diving into the world of construction, our team learned there were two key requirements for success:

  • A private asset management system that offers publishing tools for sales, increased visibility of asset utilization, and a method for drawing revenue from unused assets.
  • A marketplace that facilitated buying, selling and renting equipment on a per project basis leading to smarter spending practices.

In order to tackle the problem of making procurement easier, a part of our solution was to design a fully responsive website which could support use cases from the office to the job site – in other words, supporting both desktop and mobile. Enabling users to use these powerful tools from anywhere proved challenging for our designers.

To solve for a variety of devices, our designs targeted mobile first, focused on identifying the most critical information and tasks. These tasks included posting new images and descriptions of equipment for sale, monitoring sales, and reallocating assets. This approach made it easy to create an elegant solution on all devices.

Two key concepts behind the marketplace’s ease of use are its intelligent logic around user permissions, and the use of smart filters in a marketplace that supports hundreds of thousands of users and millions of assets. By tapping into the Elasticsearch and Chewy libraries to retrieve assets, along with CanCanCan for asset authorization, we enable users to find exactly what they are looking for with little effort, and without any additional application processing. Such directed insight into utilization will enable contractors to significantly increase the efficiency of their operations.

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