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Matter Matters: The New Opportunities of loT

In our report, Matter Matters: The New Opportunities and Challenges for the loT, we discuss the benefits Matter will bring to the market, the challenges it poses for branded digital experiences, and the new opportunities it opens up for innovation in the space.

Matter Matters Banner.png
Matter Matters: The New Opportunities of loT
Matter Matters Banner.png

Is your company Matter-Ready?

Widespread adoption of loT devices has been stymied by a chronic lack of interoperability. New devices are introduced to the market but require a great deal of knowledge for the user to reap benefits beyond basic use cases. A simpler, smarter, and more secure home is on the horizon with the release of Matter. Matter is a much-awaited industry-unifying standard for the way smart home products should work and interact with one another - easily, reliably, and securely.

At Rightpoint, we believe Matter will provide a simpler, smarter, and more secure home for the masses, but it will also bring some implications for creators in the smart home sector to consider. We believe a new way of innovative thinking will be required to maintain your brand's digital relationships with your users.

Download the report and learn:

  • What hasn't worked to date with loT and opportunities that are available to brands that think beyond the Matter standard.

  • Key questions to ask yourself as you plot a path forward to differentiate your products and win loyal customers for your company.

  • How Matter will streamline the smart home ecosystem and what it means for the loT sector in differentiating brands and product lines.

  • Opportunities for device manufacturers, experience creators, digital strategists and senior marketing executives to take product suites to a whole new level.