Martin Zalewski

Managing Director, Europe Business Leader

Martin brings to the team 20 years of experience in growth-focused innovation led by human-cantered design in industry, consulting and private equity. He’s a pragmatic venture architect with customer and team at heart, ‘roll-up-the-sleeves’ attitude, and entrepreneurial mindset to drive commercial success of the business.

Expertise Area
  • Market Growth
  • Customer Strategy
  • Design Thinking

Articles by Martin

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Create Meaningful User Experiences by Making an App Part of Your Digital Eco-System
Digital Products have never been more critical to the Connected Experience than they are today. They make us more efficient, create meaningful experiences, and make us feel safe and cared for – they make connecting with customers feel personal.

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Connecting the Principles of Mindfulness to Leadership and Innovation
Marty Zalweski discusses how we can thrive—individually and collectively—by using mindfulness principles to foster authentic human connection.

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