Juliette Connolly

Assistant Vice President, Strategy and Experience APAC

Juliette leads the strategy practice in Rightpoint’s Australian office. She’s passionate about creating brilliant experiences for employees and customers.

Expertise Area
  • Employee Experience
  • Customer Experience
  • Strategy

Articles by Juliette

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Featured Post Center of Attention: If Customers Aren’t Your Primary Focus, You’re Already Behind What is a customer-centric organization and what are the benefits of building one? VP of Strategy and Experience Juliette Connolly discusses winning a customer-centric business model and organizational structure. Read More

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Four Key Considerations for a Successful Hybrid Work Model
Is hybrid the future of work? The hybrid work model is driving workplace transformation. Explore key considerations and tips for how to manage hybrid teams.

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Learning for the Future of Work
The concept of office-based work and collaboration has changed significantly – organizations need to be prepared for the effect for the immediate and the long term.

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