Thursday, May 2, 2019

Webby Honoree - Outro - Makes Staying Safe as Easy as Having Fun


When we met the Outro team we were blown away by their passion and commitment to their cause. They each had friends and family members experience some unacceptable behavior, making them feel uncomfortable, unsafe and on edge when they were out with friends. In talking to others, it became abundantly clear there was not a tool for girls, LBGTQ+ community members or people of color to find spaces where they can feel safe and have fun. The Outro team, a small but mighty start up, approached Rightpoint seeking supporting in creating an iOS App to serve this community.

Working together we started to design the iOS experience. We had a lot of ideas for features that could be powerful and created a prioritized set of features for our V1 release. We focused on the key actions a user would want to take and the elements of the experience that would make Outro be unlike any other venue rating and review platform. We took an extensive look into how a user would expect to use search to browse venues and leveraged ‘Buzzwords’, in particular the phrasing of the buzzwords, to determine what would resonate the best with the target audience. The cheeky and fun buzzwords not only let a user describe their night out with attributes such as ‘good vibes’ but the easy to navigate ‘Leave A Review’ flow prompted a user to score a venue on attributes such as cleanliness, safety, and inclusivity.

Outro App

The Outro team was as passionate about their design as they were about their cause. They knew who they were and how their brand would resonate with end users. Rightpoint brought our mobile and UI design expertise to the table and together we created a visually stunning, fun and spunky UI that felt like them and stood out against competitors. Upon download, the users immediately felt like they had found their community and were excited to find new venues and share their own experiences.


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With a successful V1 release with users hailing from over 15 countries and an NYC launch party, the Outro team had a strong foundation to grow from. The app fosters a community of inclusivity and we continue to share it proudly, letting individuals know we created this app for them. We are so proud to be recognized as a 2019 Webby Award Honoree and hope it brings awareness to even more individuals who wish they could find a fun but also safe place to enjoy a Friday night. You can download the Outro app from the iTunes store here. Have fun and stay safe!

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