Thursday, February 28, 2019

7 Old-School Selling Tips for Ecommerce

Strategy / Mobile / Platforms / Technology

Many online retailers don’t focus on selling. An online store is a digital sales agent. It must interpret a buyer’s needs, pitch relevant products, and close the deal — much like in-store or direct sales associates. 

But, in my experience, ecommerce merchants often fail at all or parts of this.

For example, retailers often present rich product content that looks like their competitors and therefore they feel good about it. In fact, because of syndication by manufacturers, the content is frequently the same. There’s no difference among competitors. 

If your content is unique, do you ask for the order when prospects are reading or viewing it? Or, do your potential customers use your product catalog for research and then buy elsewhere?

Is your store is different? Do you offer customer stories that confirm the quality of your brand? Do you offer better products or an easier buying experience? Better pricing? Better customer service? More importantly, are you selling products that consumers are looking for?

Let’s review the old-school steps of a sale.

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