Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 Customer Experience & Technology Trends Report

Technology / Innovation

Technology is driving exponential growth in consumer expectations and as a result, every industry is experiencing change and disruption. We firmly believe that all companies, regardless of their industry, are either a technology company today, or will need to reinvent themselves to become one. From healthcare to financial services to manufacturing –industries are being disrupted by new breakthroughs in technology, design and innovation. Organizations today that think, act and operate like a tech company are the ones that will ultimately survive (or thrive) in their market. Both the change in customer expectations and the shift in technology presents business with both a great challenge, and also a great opportunity

To help Marketing and IT leadership navigate these changes, experts across Rightpoint’s multidisciplinary teams of design, strategy, insights and technology have identified the most important CX-focused trends that will impact Marketing and IT in 2019 and beyond. From the ability to deliver frictionless, contextual shopping experiences across channels, the business case for personalization, the tools and platforms to deliver, and more, this report seeks to uncover the most impactful trends in digital disruption for 2019.

Download the Trend Report and discover the most relevant Marketing and IT trends. Content will cover:

Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Customer expectations are driving change – today. Customers expect more from their web experiences and personalization is an important way to maximize probability. Fluid and seamless experiences are more important than ever and platforms such as Episerver and Sitecore continue to invest in technologies that allow customer experiences to be tracked and personalized across multiple channels. 

Mobile & Emerging Technology

Augmented reality and mixed reality continue to mature, organizations leverage voice as a way to create connected experiences, and mobile applications with commerce capabilities should include modern and easy payment capabilities.

Digital Workplace Experience

Personal and relevant experiences are just as important to employees as they are to customers. Connected experiences powered by IOT, mobile-first thinking and modern tools and technology, all deserve a place inside today’s workplaces. Organizations will leverage these capabilities to help employees work more efficiently and effectively.


Digital disruption continues to alter the commerce landscape and rewrite the rules of the game. As a result, customer behaviors are once again shifting drastically. Marketers need to keep a close eye on the systemic trends at play. Customers demand frictionless, contextual shopping experiences across channels. Companies will need to differentiate with technology and consider transactional curation, AI-personalization, digital and physical channel interaction and more in 2019.


Organizations will focus on conversation in 2019. Businesses will see results with meaningful customer conversations happening in-person and... everywhere – powered by automation and intelligent systems to increase reach. Quality, a reinvigorated focus on the customer and the rise of whole-enterprise content are several of the relevant trends.

Healthcare: Rapid Disruption

Today, there are over 259,000 mobile health apps. Patients and providers are using new types of medical technology to improve care and streamline tasks – showing just how much disruption technology has already brought into the healthcare market in the last decade. There are a number of key innovation trends in healthcare highlighted in the report.

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