Monday, October 15, 2018

Top 10 Reasons We Love Working at Rightpoint


Determined not to create a cookie-cutter agency, Ross Freedman and Brad Schneider set out to change what an agency is and can be. Early on, our co-founders knew that the key to creating business transforming solutions for clients was to build a strong internal team. Through this vision, Rightpoint was formed – a unique digital agency that focuses on maintaining its core values. We are grounded in innovation, focused on transformation and relentlessly curious. We believe that there is nothing more exciting and authentic than creating something from the ground up – starting with our people. So rather than take my word for why Rightpoint is a great place to work, let’s hear from the team.

  1. The people | Nicole Davis, Senior Art Director, Dallas
    "My co-workers are the crème-de-la-crème of the agency world. They are incredibly talented, extremely intelligent, not boastful, and are all a joy to know. Everyone is a team player and will go above and beyond their own concentration to help you out if you’re struggling. No one here operates on an island and the dynamic is very familial. "


  2. Career and personal growth opportunity | Jill Reyes, Operations Specialist, Dallas
    "Personally, I am overall more confident because I LOVE what I do and feel like I am able to exercise a lot of my skills and do well in them.  I think it makes a huge difference when we are empowered by our careers and the people we work with—it impacts our personal life too. "


  3. Working with cutting edge technology | Mehdi Abbas, Senior Developer, Chicago
    "At Rightpoint, we hack innovation with technology; disrupting and creating awareness as consultants. The DigiOps team is at the forefront in driving continuous improvement to automate deployments, testing and monitoring. Your clients are your friends and your contribution is not capped."


  4. Company growth | Phu- Xaun Le, Senior Project Manager, Atlanta
    "The Rightpoint Atlanta office had only 8 people when I first started. I loved the start-up feel with the backing and security of a much larger organization. I felt like I could make a large impact here."


  5. Great leadership | Sergio Ortiz, Creative Director, Dallas
    "I have a great admiration for our leaders, and specifically our Managing Director in Dallas - Vadim Dolt. Vadim has found a way to manage a number of responsibilities. It’s always surprising to me that amidst what seems to be somewhat chaotic he manages to stay focused and maintain a sense of humor."


  6. Giving back / philanthropy | Tali Rotteveel, Developer Chicago
    “Welcoming Embarc Chicago to our Rightpoint office each year is my favorite compassion crew event. The event allows us to share our life stories and career advice with a number of low-income students from Chicago High schools.”


  7. Open communication | Kevin Joyce, Project Manager, Chicago
    ”Open communication is truly at our core, spanning across fellow team members to executive leadership. There’s a transparent ‘why’ in everything we do as Rightpoint continues to grow and evolve to help our clients succeed at the speed of innovation.”


  8. Collaboration across skill sets and geos | Josh Eberhardy, Solutions Architect, Chicago
    " I love working on projects where our clients are “in it” with us and it becomes a truly collaborative process. You end up working as one team, driving towards the same goal together, and there’s a collective sense of satisfaction when the site goes live that just can’t be beat."


  9. The impact of our work | Josh Bergers, Associate Developer, Detroit
    "Hearing about the challenges clients face on a daily basis or ideas about how to make their work-life better; then helping them solve those challenges or bringing their ideas to life. "


  10. The perks - social events, games, snacks, etc. | Mariusz Walczuk, Support Technician, Chicago “I really enjoy game nights!  It’s a great opportunity to meet new people in the office and do something fun as a group.

We are always on the search for committed, talented people to join the Rightpoint team. Find our current openings over on our Careers page. We look forward to hearing from you!