Thursday, July 12, 2018

Creating World-Class Digital Workspaces for Today's Workforce

Jeremy Williams, Sr. Director, Modern Workplace
Platforms / Technology / Innovation

Do you cringe when you have to visit your Corporate Intranet? Are you considering a re-design or migration of your legacy Intranet to Office 365? Are you wondering what makes Intranets succeed and fail? Are you curious about what Microsoft Viva may mean for your employees experience?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then we urge you to read on.

For the past 14 years, we’d been partnering with our Clients to help them fall (back) in love with their Intranets, Digital Workspaces, and Modern Digital Employee Experience solutions.  A few years back, we announced Spark Workspace, a Rightpoint accelerator, with full integration to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva and designed to enable customers to quickly launch a world-class digital workspace to support todays hybrid workforce. Spark Workspace enables organizations to drive employee engagement via personalized experiences, increase discoverability of knowledge and improve organizational collaboration.

Spark Workspace is powered by Office 365 and built on Microsoft Viva, Teams, and SharePoint Modern – which means you'll be leveraging Microsoft's latest and greatest technology. Spark Workspace offers robust capabilities including personalized communication with contextual social integration, intuitive Search and Findability features, taxonomy-driven content management, simple and powerful content tools, and more. 

In our experience, we’ve (unfortunately) come across failed digital workspaces.  

What we’ve learned from our experiences in turning these failures into successes, is that Digital workspaces don’t typically fail because of capabilities – more often than not it’s a combination of underestimating the importance of your content, your champions, and your end-users.  With Spark Workspace, you gain access to Rightpoint’s extensive experience in developing digital workspace solutions for over one million users. Our experts help you proactively identify potential failure scenarios and will guide you to the correct remediation – resulting in a successful launch and ongoing deployment of your workspace. 

The benefits of Spark Workspace include: 

  • An on-ramp to realize Viva functionality
  • Increase employee engagement and collaboration
  • Full integration with Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint Modern
  • Lower initial investment and no additional per-user fees
  • Ideal for new digital workspaces and legacy migrations  
  • Create an effective Digital Workspace - faster 
  • Access to deep expertise to drive successful Digital Workspace programs 

Use Spark Workspace, a Rightpoint accelerator to quickly launch a world-class digital collaboration environment for your modern workforce. Connect with an expert today to learn more.