Thursday, January 11, 2018

Manufacturers Embrace Digital Commerce to Become Disruptors

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I believe 2018 is going to represent a tipping point for manufacturers and distributors in a variety of industries. I predict they will become digital disruptors who invest in digital commerce – channels, supporting resources and technologies – to power new growth for industrial, life science, and aerospace industries.

Unlike consumer manufacturers, most traditional industries and manufacturers have been rather slow in making the necessary investments in digital strategies and the people, processes and technologies needed to support digital initiatives. They are also hesitant to cause disruption to their traditional sales channels. As a result, their end customers are frustrated, as they seek product and service information online and encounter websites with antiquated user experience and poor content. Finding a place to purchase a product can be difficult, leading buyers to seek out competitive alternatives, like making purchases on Amazon Business, thus bypassing traditional distribution channels.

I collaborated with Thomas John, Rightpoint’s Senior Director of Commerce on a point of view about the key opportunities and challenges that manufacturers are facing as they invest in new digital sales and marketing programs. In “Digital Commerce: Disrupting the Manufacturing Industry,” wdiscuss how modern content and commerce platform, like the Sitecore Experience Commerce Platform, can be the key enabling technology to support global digital commerce initiatives

Download this piece to learn about 

  • Digital disruption within manufacturing industries 

  • Challenges that manufacturers face as they begin investing in digital channels 

  • Key opportunities to power growth, cost efficiencies and engagement with end customers  

  • Using  Sitecore Experience Commerce to dramatically improve the customer experience power your desired business outcomes 

  • Digital investments that will benefit your manufacturing organization

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Dale Traxler is Vice President of Commerce Solutions at Rightpoint. Follow Dale on Twitter and LinkedIn.