Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Managed Services Unlocking Competitive Advantages in Digital Transformation

Strategy / Technology

With budgeting season wrapping up, after a year in which emerging technology adoption by marketing departments grew considerably, it’s an interesting time to look at where and to what extent companies are focusing their digital transformation efforts. With new capabilities available in technologies like personalized web content, account based marketing, and virtual reality, knowing where to invest in emerging tech is a more critical determinant of success than ever before. The organizations best at balancing pragmatic investment with innovation are the ones pulling ahead of the pack, which has brought digital managed services into focus.

Staying on the Cutting Edge

Investments in digital transformation are going to continue to increase exponentially for the foreseeable future. IDC’s Worldwide Digital Transformation Predictions from this past November puts the increase in spending at 42% from now through the end of 2019. But as the investment increases, so will the breadth of tools available, and the expectations that they bring. The risk of putting too many resources into development for one tool versus another is daunting—this is where managed services plays a roll.

By having a retained team of resources, companies can unlock two distinct competitive advantages:

  1. Getting the perspective of what works and what doesn’t work: Managed services  provides unparalleled access to both technical and strategic insights for organizations striving to create stellar digital experiences.
  2. Flexibility: Managed services enable experts in their respective craft to join your team as needed, without the commitment and overhead of new in-house staff members.

As the marketing technology landscape continues to grow, the organizations that are best able to identify and take advantage of the right tools will continue to set themselves apart. Managed services is the solution for organizations looking to react quickly to the opportunities and challenges presented by these tools.

Overcoming Objections from Finance and IT

According to Gartner’s 2017 CMO survey, the two biggest inhibitors for marketers to execute their vision are the IT and Finance departments. In response, high performing brands are turning to managed services. To avoid bottlenecks like waiting in IT’s queue to get website bugs or enhancements addressed, going through the process of getting new copywriters or designers on staff, or even putting measures in place to ensure website reliability, managed services plugs the gaps without the headache.

Rightpoint’s managed services enable incremental steps in digital transformation without having to make any vast leaps. As a complete digital agency, we have consultants with industry experienced skills like front and back end web development, design and creative, workplace productivity, business intelligence, and mobile. Our managed services clients are able to access these various resources, to expedite their IT projects and better control costs.

Knowing the right bets to make among a larger-than-ever field of emerging technologies isn’t easy. With a retained team of experts in digital transformation, you unlock incremental change guided by experience. Are you harnessing this advantage? To learn more about managed services, visit here.

Seth Meldon is a Managed Services Sales Engineer at Rightpoint.